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2:59 am, Apr 20 2020
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Would you read a manga based completely on a western literature book?

*Yep, I would

*Maybe, if I have read that book before, and I liked

*Maybe, if I have not read that book before

*Nah, I would rather read the source material

*Literature? Bitch please, what are you, a monk?

Sorry for the misspelling, but you get the point 😎

Post #776503 - Reply to (#774538) by juliarox214
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10:38 pm, Apr 25 2020
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Quote from juliarox214
Not sure if this has been done lately:

What kind of phone do you have?
- Android
- Apple
- Something else
- I don't have a phone


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1:48 am, Apr 26 2020
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I figured maybe we could do a series of polls based on different genres. First one: Action

What is the top action cliche? (doesn’t matter if love it or hate it)

-the power of friendship
“I can’t lose, my friends are depending on me!”

-everyone failing/losing except the protagonist
(Think Goku saving the day in DBZ)

-the protagonist having some kind of unique/special body or ability
(Compared to others)

-having some kind of argument/monologue in the middle of a fight

-the power up
(again like in DBZ)

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10:39 am, Apr 30 2020
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Just got the idea for this after reading “Unordinary”.

What do you think of powers that depend on other powers? (Copying, disabling, switching, etc.)

-Awesome; Should make for some cool situations

-Stupid; What happens when there’s no other powers around

-Meh; In the end its just another power

Post #776649

7:07 am, May 2 2020
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Surprisingly I haven't found any poll about how many manga do you read simultaneously. That could be a fun one.

Post #776650 - Reply to (#774803) by vigorousjammer
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7:54 am, May 2 2020
Posts: 9673

Quote from vigorousjammer
If a person who is not Japanese, but is a permanent resident of Japan made a comic, would you still consider it "manga"?
- Yes, absolutely.
- Only if it was written in Japanese.
- Only if they were originally born in Japan.
- Only if they had help from Japanese assistants.
- Only if it was published by a Japanese company or made for the Japanese manga market.
- Only if it had manga-style artwork.
- Not at all.


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7:33 am, May 9 2020
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Been playing a lot of “Persona 5 Royal” during shelter in place and loving the game so this occurred to me:

What is more important to you in a JRPG?

-Good story/dialogue

-Good gameplay/combat

-Equally important

-I don’t play JRPGs

Sorry if I’m making too many suggestions, I got way too much free time since shelter in place started 🙄

Post #776818

7:36 am, May 9 2020
Posts: 6

If I were to make a mixture of action and romance manga, what would you like:

•dark romance with a morally gray concept

•fantasy and adventure

•historical drama about politics with romance as subplot

•mystery concept(e.g. detectives, police, genius students)

•angsty drama about mafias/gangs with tragedy

Post #776819 - Reply to (#774866) by residentgrigo
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7:37 am, May 9 2020
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Quote from residentgrigo
Our last age poll was in late March 2014 so let´s see if the site "aged up". We could wait 2 weeks till the dates line up even better. I changed 21 to 20 and 22 to 21 to have the rest align better, broke up the 30 into 3 groups and added a 71+ option as the last one stopped at 61+. That last 1.1 % aged after all.
The 3 20s options make more sense to me as the intended reading age for manga somewhat tops out around 30 so we could find out if a decline can be directly seen as MU users advance in their 20s.

How old are you?
10 or under

Edit: The one above me is really good.


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Post #777042 - Reply to (#775279) by achyif
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5:44 pm, May 16 2020
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Quote from achyif
Not manga related but something I've been wondering:

Do you floss?

After every meal
Once a day
Every few days


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Post #777114
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3:18 am, May 20 2020
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When should English releases be localised differently between English-speaking regions (for example US English vs UK English)?
Wherever possible (for spelling etc)
If it affects the tone of the story
If it affects the the reader's understanding of the plot
No opinion

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Probably badly worded, sorry :/

Sorry if I've done something wrong; I'm not new, just easily confused.
Post #777189 - Reply to (#775294) by jacob66
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7:07 pm, May 23 2020
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Quote from jacob66
How often do you find that a manga isn’t as good as you remember when you reread it later?

-More than half the time
-Less than half the time


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