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6:00 pm, Jun 9 2020
Posts: 94

You die in the middle of the zombie apocalypse and then suddenly find yourself back in the past 3 years before it happened. Do you:

-try to prevent the apocalypse

-ready yourself so you and your loved ones can live through it

-have as much fun as possible before it happens

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4:48 am, Jun 11 2020
Posts: 94

Would you try eating a more exotic meat, like snake, squirrel or bugs, if it was prepared in a familiar way like a hamburger or chicken fried steak?



-Depends on what meat it is

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10:19 am, Jun 11 2020
Posts: 24

When you read a manga after continuing from the anime do you?

* Read the skipped volumes?

* Read the skipped chapters?

* Read the skipped pages?

* Start from the beginning?

* I don't really care. I don't read manga

Post #777805 - Reply to (#775687) by Nekomikoto
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3:50 pm, Jun 13 2020
Posts: 9822

Quote from Nekomikoto
Where do you read manga most of the time?
*At a desk/table
*On the bed
*On the floor
*In a comfy chair/sofa/recliner
*While commuting/traveling

Additional option if you want to be funny:
*At the bathroom/toilet


A just ruler amongst tyrants
Post #777946 - Reply to (#776179) by Nekomikoto
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6:57 am, Jun 20 2020
Posts: 9822

Quote from Nekomikoto
This might be a little too personal but...

Have you been infected with COVID-19?
* I currently have it
* I had it, but I recovered
* I don't have it, but I know a family member or friend who does/did have it
* I don't have it, and none of my family members or friends have it so far
* I think I have/had it, but I'm not sure

We don't normally do polls on current events, but let's take a stab at it

A just ruler amongst tyrants
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7:29 pm, Jun 22 2020
Posts: 94

Is it better to have had and lost or to never have had at all? (Love, family, friends, etc.)

-have had and lost

-never had at all

-WTF are you talking about

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8:57 pm, Jun 24 2020
Posts: 141

Like [probably] many of us here, I've been following the ongoing BLM protests, and would be curious to see what our racial demographics here on BU look like! Not sure if we've had a poll like this before; apologies if it's already been done before.

I pulled up a typical census-type poll to come up with the following options (but feel free to change!):
What race(s) do you most closely identify with?
* White
* Black or African American
* Hispanic or Latino
* American Indian or Alaska Native
* Asian
* Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
* Some other race
* Two or more races equally
* Not comfortable sharing

(Most polls include "Hispanic or Latino" as a separate question because of a 'race vs ethnicity' debate, but I'm just including it here for simplicity because our poll layout is very simple.)

Lots of love to all our BU members, obviously~ <3 Please stay safe and healthy during these times!

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10:58 am, Jun 26 2020
Posts: 105

Which english publishers do you like the most? Why? Listed some defunct or changd named under new management. All published physical copies at some point; basically digital for another week.

-Viz Media
-Yen Press
-Dark Horse
-Kodansha USA
-Vertical Ink
-Seven Seas Entertainment
-Del Rey Manga
-Bandai Entertainment

If you have a problem with the selection, blame my personal library for not having that particular publisher.

Internet Lurker At Heart
Post #778117 - Reply to (#776281) by SrAndrerz
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7:27 am, Jun 27 2020
Posts: 9822

Quote from SrAndrerz
Would you read a manga based completely on a western literature book?

*Yep, I would

*Maybe, if I have read that book before, and I liked

*Maybe, if I have not read that book before

*Nah, I would rather read the source material

*Literature? Bitch please, what are you, a monk?

Sorry for the misspelling, but you get the point 😎


A just ruler amongst tyrants
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1:18 pm, Jun 27 2020
Posts: 32

Would you read a manga based on sciences as a suggested reading in a class you're taking, or for personal interest? (e.g. The Manga Guide to Molecular Biology)

-Yes, definitely.

-Only if it was a topic that interests me.

-No, I prefer to use textbooks or other literature.

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7:09 am, Jul 3 2020
Posts: 94

How about one based on a classic Japanese saying like “hana yori dango”, meaning food over flowers i.e. the practical over the beautiful.

It is more important for an item to be:


-good looking

Post #778295 - Reply to (#776620) by jacob66
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5:37 pm, Jul 4 2020
Posts: 9822

Quote from jacob66
Just got the idea for this after reading “Unordinary”.

What do you think of powers that depend on other powers? (Copying, disabling, switching, etc.)

-Awesome; Should make for some cool situations

-Stupid; What happens when there’s no other powers around

-Meh; In the end its just another power


A just ruler amongst tyrants
Post #778301
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8:07 pm, Jul 4 2020
Posts: 15

Fun question. What is your sleeping habit?
1. No problem waking up even at the earliest of hours. Go to bed early (morning lark)
2. I sleep in until late morning or early afternoon, then stay up really late (night owl)
3. I can wake up/go to bed at any time!

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6:51 am, Jul 5 2020
Posts: 3

When the source chapter is split into several parts (Chapter 1-1, 1-2, etc), it should be...
-Translate as it is
-Combine as single chapter first and then translate

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10:28 pm, Jul 10 2020
Posts: 94

Probably a bit controversial but:

Would the world be better or worse if religion never existed? (Not one particular religion but all belief systems)

-Better, so much war and hatred wouldn’t exist

-Worse, so many people have been and will be saved by religion

-Neither, the world would be about the same

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