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3:36 am, Aug 24 2020
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Which setting do you think is the most fun for a magic themed manga?

-Modern World

-Fantasy World

-Sci-fi World

Post #779740 - Reply to (#778071) by energizerbunny
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10:33 pm, Aug 24 2020
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Quote from energizerbunny
I pulled up a typical census-type poll to come up with the following options (but feel free to change!):
What race(s) do you most closely identify with?
* White
* Black or African American
* Hispanic or Latino
* American Indian or Alaska Native
* Asian
* Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
* Some other race
* Two or more races equally
* Not comfortable sharing

I suggest that we remake this poll, but with continents or smaller areas.

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11:10 pm, Aug 28 2020
Posts: 54

What's your Gender?

-Non-binary/Gender Neutral

What's your sexual orientation?

-Other/not mentioned

Shoo, Nothing to see here!
Post #779836 - Reply to (#778276) by jacob66
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7:44 am, Aug 29 2020
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Quote from jacob66
How about one based on a classic Japanese saying like “hana yori dango”, meaning food over flowers i.e. the practical over the beautiful.

It is more important for an item to be:


-good looking


A just ruler amongst tyrants
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1:03 pm, Sep 2 2020
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Which one will you choose to archive:
-Scanlated version of a manga with great quality (better picture resolution, nice cleaned page, pretty good translation)
-Official translated manga (downloaded in a not legal way) with medium quality (a slightly worse picture resolution, not cleaned/white enough, standard localized translation)

PS: I didn't mean to be rude or belittling any translator or any effort for licensing manga to English.
I'm just curious how people will choose since I recently find myself torn between archiving a HQ scanlation or MQ official translation.

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1:31 pm, Sep 2 2020
Posts: 88

With the increasing number of legal manga/webtoon reading phone app and a scheduled weekly release, it's highly possible for people to always have at least one new chapter to be read everyday (if they follow many series).

So I'm curious..
How many weekly series that you regularly read?
Less than 10
More than 50

Define "regular": you always finished reading the new chapter in that day / week.

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9:35 pm, Sep 3 2020
Posts: 138

How about one based on a real life event.

You’re stranded on a snowy mountain top and the only way to stay alive is to eat is someone’s dead body. Do you commit cannibalism?

-Yes, I have to stay alive no matter what

-Yes if they were an organ donor, it’s what they would have wanted

-No, I would never be able to live with myself if I did

Post #780032 - Reply to (#778301) by Masae
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5:54 pm, Sep 5 2020
Posts: 10092

Quote from Masae
Fun question. What is your sleeping habit?
1. No problem waking up even at the earliest of hours. Go to bed early (morning lark)
2. I sleep in until late morning or early afternoon, then stay up really late (night owl)
3. I can wake up/go to bed at any time!

Sorta this one

A just ruler amongst tyrants
Post #780088

12:33 am, Sep 8 2020
Posts: 196

If a series you're reading has a specific chapter with a trigger warning (blood/gore/death/rape, etc) you generally...
* Ignore and read on anyway
* Skip chapter
* Skim parts of it
* Wait for the best time/place and read it later
* I haven't read anything with trigger warnings in them

Last edited by Nekomikoto at 1:56 am, Sep 10

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12:29 pm, Sep 8 2020
Posts: 138

Foreshadowing, small clues to future events in the story, makes a story:



-WTF is foreshadowing?

Last edited by jacob66 at 4:02 am, Sep 10

Post #780184 - Reply to (#778313) by Stellar Sovereignty
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8:54 am, Sep 12 2020
Posts: 10092

Quote from Stellar Sovereignty
When the source chapter is split into several parts (Chapter 1-1, 1-2, etc), it should be...
-Translate as it is
-Combine as single chapter first and then translate


A just ruler amongst tyrants
Post #780224

7:45 pm, Sep 13 2020
Posts: 1

i have a good one(i guess -__-) If you could become a mangaka would you be a writer, drawer or both


If you could become a mangaka would you be (the answer should have in count that you have to be in japan maybe learn japanese all that stuff

I hope u liked it

Post #780475 - Reply to (#778457) by jacob66
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2:35 am, Sep 27 2020
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Quote from jacob66
Probably a bit controversial but:

Would the world be better or worse if religion never existed? (Not one particular religion but all belief systems)

-Better, so much war and hatred wouldn’t exist

-Worse, so many people have been and will be saved by religion

-Neither, the world would be about the same


A just ruler amongst tyrants
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TV Photojournalist

11:59 pm, Sep 27 2020
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Should Loli/Shota be banned?

This is a poll I made on the now defunt Sodahead to gauge the opinion of Non-Anime fans and the majority said NO.

Last year I asked the International Anime Research Project(run by 4 college professors) to include that question on their survey in 2020, which they did and the majority of fans surveyed said NO.

Now in the final, and probably widest reaching location, I'm hoping Manga Updates will post the same question. Do MU update users feel the same about artistic/creative freedom(probably) or will the results shock all? Let's give it a go!

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7:38 am, Sep 28 2020
Posts: 199

Since we're talking religion how about religion as a subject in manga? Could have options like: love it; hate it; mythology only; heretical; indifferent. I mean it pops up a lot from stuff set in ancient mythical worlds, to catholic schools, to gods being used as inspiration for powers. I'm kinda interested in how people's views on religion irl compare to their views on it in art.

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