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6:36 am, Sep 29 2020
Posts: 141

How closely do you think you fit the stereotypes of people from your country? (Examples: gun loving american, tea drinking english, bag pipe playing scot, etc.)

-Completely 100%

- more than 70% similar

- between 70% & 30% similar

- less than 30% similar

- Not similar at all 0%

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11:01 pm, Oct 2 2020
Posts: 54

Do you know what the Trash Taste podcast is?

-No, what's that?
-Heard of it, never watched it
-Watched it once or twice
-Watch every episode, it hits different

Shoo, Nothing to see here!
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11:34 pm, Oct 2 2020
Posts: 141

Suppose the police could predict guaranteed future crimes. Should they arrest and imprison the culprit before they commit the crime?



-Depends on the crime

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11:58 pm, Oct 2 2020
Posts: 141

If you had a super power/ability would you rather have your ability be:

-powerful but straight forward ability(teleportation, super strength, future sight)

-modest but flexible(object manipulation, temperature control, summoning)

-life changing but restrictive(regeneration, immortality, hyper intelligence)

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8:19 pm, Oct 3 2020
Posts: 10

If there is a button that if you push it the world will become to a state of eternal peace, 0 crime rates , in exchange with inability of its people to exercise too much of negative emotion ( people can still argue but cannot possibly fight/ cause a conflict,cannot be jealous etc) , technology will go only as far as the steam-powered engine and basic electrical appliance . Will you push it?

(Inspired from the manga marie wa konoderu ongaku)

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2:23 pm, Oct 5 2020
Posts: 31

Recently I watched a short clip of an American comedy show where the main character who is a black woman say 'Konichiwa' is cultural appropriation but is it really? I'm not Japanese but I don't think it is. What do other members think and this isn't limited to 'konichiwa', I think the west is taking their definition of cultural appropriation way too far. What do others think?
So my poll question is:
Is Americans (and other westerners) usage of the word konnichiwa cultural appropriation?
A. Yes
B. No

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7:40 pm, Oct 6 2020
Posts: 10

In a post-war type of a post-apocalyptic world , where food source is limited and can't be produced (almost all ecosystem are destroyed) , only a few technologies are still available so that socirty cant be rebuilded and the human population is scarce (almost 0 probablity encountrring someone else). If you can choose 1 person to be your partner in that world who will it be?
-Parent (Mom/Dad)
-Hired Professional (Professional in survival like thos natgeo guys or somethin)
-Best Friend
-Spouse/Love interest
-Your Pet
-Someone Famous
-You rather be alone

(Inspired from girl's last tour)

Post #783712 - Reply to (#778956) by jacob66
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8:12 am, Oct 10 2020
Posts: 10120

Quote from jacob66
So since I’ve been slowly feeling the effects of aging this pole idea occurred to me.

If you could stop one part of your body from getting worse with age what would you choose?



-Metabolism (harder to control your weight)




A just ruler amongst tyrants
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7:49 pm, Oct 10 2020
Posts: 141

So I live in California where a lot of people are losing their homes to the fires. Thus it occurred to me that I actually wouldn’t mind starting over if I could get back the cash value of everything lost so I came up with this poll:

Someone offers to buy every single thing you own for its exact value in cash. Would you take the money and start over?

-Yes, I didn’t have anything I couldn’t buy again

-No, I have irreplaceable family photos/heirlooms

-Depends on how much I’d get

Last edited by jacob66 at 5:40 am, Oct 14

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5:49 am, Oct 14 2020
Posts: 141

Going off the body part poll here’s a mental one.

If you could have a realistic mental ability what would you want?

-Perfect Memory (to the point you could reread a book using just your memory)

-In brain calculator (even able to do complex math like calculus as fast as a computer)

-Super fast learning speed (master skills and expertise in hours/days instead of months/years)


Post #784588

9:06 pm, Oct 14 2020
Posts: 1

It is time to put this question to rest... 😁

The flesh fang:
- Cute
- Disgusting

Or alternatively,

Which fang is superior?
- Flesh fang
- Tooth fang

Post #784797 - Reply to (#778973) by jacob66
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5:01 pm, Oct 17 2020
Posts: 10120

Quote from jacob66
You’re the winner on a game show and have to choose if you’ll play the risky bonus round for more money. What do you do?

-Play and risk going home empty handed

-Decline and go home with your current winnings


A just ruler amongst tyrants
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5:06 am, Oct 19 2020
Posts: 141

What’s the best way for an isekai manga to handle the character conversing/writing in the new world’s language?

-language just happens to be japanese

-character has auto translation magic/skill

-reincarnation into a body that already knows the language

-character just has to suffer and slowly learn


Post #784933

11:36 am, Oct 20 2020
Posts: 9

Hello, not sure if these have been done before but I'll just type them down!

If 100 million dollars fall from the sky (in cash)?

- Too good to be true, ignore it
- Grab as much as you can before running away
- Take everything (what, free money!)
- Take the money to the police
- Call the police but don't touch the money
- Probably faint
- Other

You see a suspicious-looking genie lamp...
- Touch it. Maybe a magical genie will appear and grant you three wishes...
- Better stay away. It might be dangerous.
- Using a cloth so you're not in direct contact, grab the lamp and run for it.
- Take a photo and share with your friends later.
- Other

You wake up, you have become Snow White and you see an apple. You...
- Eat the apple. What? You're hungry.
- Touch the apple gingerly, sniffing at it and trying to figure out if it's dangerous
- Don't even come near the apple
- Scream for help
- Look around for your dwarfy friends
- Pinch yourself
- Other

This is stupid but can you figure out which answer will be the minority?
- Whatever
- ... ... ...
- Choose this for a super amazing hula dance
- Yes this question is quite dumb, apologies *bows*
- Other

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6:45 am, Oct 21 2020
Posts: 8

What do you think of fan-colored pages inserted at the climax of a story (kiss/confession/big event) in otherwise monochromatic manga?

-They’re a nice addition, replacing original monochrome page.

-They’re a nice addition, but don’t want them to replace original monochrome page.

-They throw me off, I don’t like them.

-I like them but dislike when the coloring is bad/So off to the point where it’s distracting.

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