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Post #789527 - Reply to (#123579) by reanimated838uk
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10:00 pm, Mar 28 2021
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translation or reading
I've actually tried translating with a scanlation group but found out I'm too lazy and unreliable

Post #789585
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3:39 am, Apr 1 2021
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Maybe which kind of protagonist ia better -

Lawful good

Neutral Good

Chaotic Good

Lawful Neutral


Chaotic Neutral

Lawful Evil

Neutral Evil

Chaotic Evil

Post #789650 - Reply to (#787552) by Aleph0
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3:58 pm, Apr 3 2021
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Quote from Aleph0
Since it's the season... Do people enjoy mass releases? As in, many groups purposely delaying their releases throughout December to then post dozens of chapters on Christmas?
I don't know about anybody else, but that's the time of the year when I end up dropping series because suddenly I find myself with a massive backlog. And that right after some weeks of drought during which I may have picked up some new series to fill the void...
As for choices, I'd suggest:

- Yes I love them
- Indifferent
- No they always suck

Other possible choices could be "only for group events" (i.e. anniversaries etc.) or "not for the same series" (e.g. like the 15+ chapter dump of "Hataraku Saibou Black" some weeks ago) or even "not on Christmas"... Might be difficult to make them fit in the allotted space, though.

Well, something along those lines. Don't recall seeing such a poll in the last few years... Perhaps the reason why is that I'm the only one finding this practice tiresome. 🤣 Probably the answer also depends on how much free time one gets during the holidays (oh another poll idea! 😀 )


A just ruler amongst tyrants
Post #789746

5:58 am, Apr 8 2021
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For language learning purpose, are you interested in watching anime with original language audio AND original language subtitles ?

- Yes
- No

Post #789781 - Reply to (#787697) by jacob66
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4:55 pm, Apr 10 2021
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Quote from jacob66
Let’s say someone commits a crime and then develops complete, permanent, amnesia. Should they still be punished for the crime?




A just ruler amongst tyrants
Post #789791
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10:46 pm, Apr 10 2021
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How prepared are you for a disaster/emergency?

-Not at all

-Slightly (examples: home/work evacuation plan, an emergency kit)

-Very (examples: weeks worth of food & water set aside, an actual shelter/bunker)

Post #789948 - Reply to (#787783) by Karonhioktha
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10:41 pm, Apr 17 2021
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Quote from Karonhioktha
Does the reading format matter?
- I only read left to right
- I only read right to left
- I only read top to bottom
- No preference

I have a friend who refuses to read anything top-down/meant for reading on a smartphone. The format bothers him that much.

This, but changing the phrasing a bit

A just ruler amongst tyrants
Post #789990
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8:20 pm, Apr 18 2021
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actually, repeating some questions might not be such a bad idea
Some of my friends didn’t want to believe that there could be a 50:50 female to male ratio among weebs
We talked about that and I ended up looking up the polls here. There was one but it was posted a LOOOOOONG time ago so at least I personally wouldn’t mind getting a recheck

I’m sure that there are many other poll questions that could be repeated
Most users likely haven’t seen those really old polls anyway

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