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11:56 pm, Oct 16 2010
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Kids: love 'em or hate 'em?
-...I AM a kid.

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Quote from LawX
You are like the dense main character in a shoujo manga.
Quote from Crenshinibon
And you will murder someone one day, pika. If you're my daughter.
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the mu...

2:01 am, Oct 17 2010
Posts: 1050

your real life is your sunday morning activities:

- my life is in my body... i do physical exercise, body care and the like
- my life is in my head... i read, study, and the like
- my life is in my TV... i watch TV
- my life is in the the other world... i went online or play games
- my house is my life ... i do house chores
- my life is in the road... i take a walk/drive around/somewhere
- my life is in the lower part of my body... i do "that"
- my life is in the bed... every sunday i wake up at the evening... or at night
- i'm not sure about my own life... i done random/different things every sunday

- i don't have a life.. i done nothing.... which is not possible by the way

for those who still wondering: yup... that is the real you

ps: vocab check... is it spose to be 'life' or 'live'? sorry, english is not my first language

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8:32 pm, Oct 19 2010
Posts: 267

What do you actually dedicate yourself to, when not in manga world? or maybe something job related: as in does your job relate at all with manga?

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1:16 pm, Oct 21 2010
Posts: 417


Yes, Homogenized (>3.25%)
Yes, 2%
Yes, 1%
Yes, Skimmed
No, but I drink and alternative (fortified soy beverage, etc.)
Not at all

Can't say I know very much about the dairy industry. I think the options I've suggested are the typical selection available in most North American supermarkets but I'm ignorant about milk internationally.

Can you imagine an imaginary menagerie manager imagining managing an imaginary menagerie?
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1:30 pm, Oct 21 2010
Posts: 377

When do you usually eat the most?

-Small portions throughout the day (everybody says it's healthy!)
-Nothing after 5pm (anti-aging method!)

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2:14 pm, Oct 21 2010
Posts: 1036

Which are you?
-morning person
-night person
-afternoon person
-a sleeping person...

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2:39 pm, Oct 21 2010
Posts: 1203

if you are in a scanlator group, what will you be?
= scanner/raw provider
= cleaner
= translator
= proofreader
= typesetter
= quality checker
= i'm merely a reader

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Post #418003 - Reply to (#416123) by ShadowSakura
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8:13 pm, Oct 23 2010
Posts: 9730

Quote from ShadowSakura
Your element:
Fire (Aries, Sagittarius, Leo)
Water (Piscies, Cancer, Scropio)
Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)
Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricornus)

Something similar to this

A just ruler amongst tyrants
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1:52 am, Oct 24 2010
Posts: 72

I really don't know much japanese but there are certain words I have picked up.
This question comes from a time I got really annoyed at my parents. Anyway..

Have you found yourself using the word baka?
All the time
Not baka but other words
Why would I use the name of a website

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." -Einstein
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2:08 am, Oct 24 2010
Posts: 773

how old are you?

15 or less
uhh i cant read what's written; pls read it to me ( smile beyond 60)

best shonen manga couples :

shinichi X ran
natsu X erza
ippo X kumi
naruto X gaara
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9:00 am, Oct 24 2010
Posts: 41

Which scanlator groups do you prefer?
- Those who have only a few projects but often releases
- Those with a lot of projects but rare releases
- I don't play favorites
- I don't know

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11:07 am, Oct 24 2010
Posts: 15

Cooking method of choice:

Frying Pan
Pressure Cooker
Rice Cooker

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insomniac Kagehime

3:26 pm, Oct 24 2010
Posts: 2707

your height:
<150 cm

sorry, i don´t know how many inches they are

which seiyuu will win the seiyuu awards (
1. Mizuki Nana
2. Hirano Aya
3. Sakamoto Maaya
4. Paku Romi
5. Kugimiya Rie
6. Suzumura Kenichi
7. Miyano Mamoru
8. Sakurai Takahiro
9. Fukuyama Jun
10.Ono Daisuke

your halloween:
trick or treat!
watching horror movies
don´t celebrate it

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currently reading: Nyotai-ka
please support me
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11:55 am, Oct 28 2010
Posts: 985

Audio File Format:
-uncompressed audio file format(wav,...)
-lossless compressed audio file format(flac,...)
-lossy compressed audio file format(mp3,...)
-don't care/don't know

its cold down here fam ~
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5:53 pm, Oct 28 2010
Posts: 3

Do you ever wear Anime/Manga related merchandise? (I.e Clothing or accessories)
~Every day!
~On occasion
~Very rarely
~No, its too embarrassing
~I dont own any

Do you have a handheld gaming system?
~All of the Above
~2 of 4
~3 of 4

When a Manga you like gets an Anime adaption announced, you are...
~Thrilled! A manga you like, now with color & sound!
~Iffy... It might be a bad representation.
~Unconcerned. You dont watch anime.
~Disappointed. Now it'll get too much attention =/
~Huh? There are no manga I like. Why am I here?

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