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Post #508216 - Reply to (#489356) by sarcastic_username
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6:50 pm, Nov 19 2011
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Quote from sarcastic_username
In general, how would you prefer to read your manga titles?

Native Language/Lettering (Kanji, Hiragana, etc.)
Roman Lettering (Romaji, Pinyin, etc.)
In My Native Language
I Don't Care, as long as I know what it is

I hope this suggestion makes sense, but just to explain ..
For example you have the manga 死がふたりを分 かつまで which is the manga title in it's original language, japanese. Then you have Shi ga Futari o Wakatsu Made the same manga but with its romanization, romaji. Then the manga is also known as Until Death Do Us Part which is in my native language, english.

So yeah, I don't think there has been this suggestion before, but change it around however you see fit. It's kind of interesting because on lists, there really isn't any consistency to how a manga title is written, some are in romaji or just the english title.... hmmmm.

This is our new poll, but the main title listed on MU doesn't matter, although we prefer NOT having the original Japanese title with the kanji. People send in all kinds of requests to change the main title, but I reject all such requests.

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Panda Master

4:07 am, Nov 20 2011
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Here is my idea. Not sure if it's used before.

How do you like the author's name?

-Surname to first name
- First name to surname
- I haven't noticed
- I don't care

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10:51 pm, Nov 20 2011
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Do you rate the series you read?
- Always
- Often
- Sometimes
- Seldomly
- Never

Alternative version:
When do you rate the series you read?
- At the beginning (within the first 5 chapters)
- Somewhere in the middle
- When finished reading the whole series
- After re-reading

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6:52 pm, Nov 21 2011
Posts: 75

New Release Scan, you 1st?
-read online using online reader
-download it from the scan group site and read it then
-don't care and read later

Do you obey the release rule/request from scan group if they ask?
-sometime (with respect)
-sometime (not caring)
-no (with respect)
-Hell NO (no respect)
-What Rule?

What do you eat more of?
-fast food

Scan group watermark?
-None please (by leacher)
-small one in the corner that not in way
-mid-size one somewhere in the corner
-mid-size one in the middle of the page
-Watermark all over the page
-don't care (cuz i buy the book)
-just don't care if is there one r not

Which Transportation have you Not Riden on before?
-Aircraft (airplane & helicopter)
-Water Vessel
-Train (train, subway, etc...)

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7:43 pm, Nov 21 2011
Posts: 1792

After reading mangas, what would you like to start over most?
- elementary school
- high school
- post-graduation time
- Reset all of it!
- Nothing, I've done all I need.

[sorry it's a bit hard to describe exactly - feel free to edit]

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5:50 am, Nov 22 2011
Posts: 6

How old are you when you understand manga at the first time?
- under age 10
- 10-16
- more than 16

Post #508782
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straw hat pirate

4:56 am, Nov 23 2011
Posts: 173

what category do you fit into
-avarege joe
-working man
(also applys for girls also add any you can think of)
hope it gets picked : D

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the mu...

5:05 pm, Nov 23 2011
Posts: 1050

i wonder if all the elementary school around the world do this....

Q: did your elementary school make u plant tree(s)?
-i'm still in elementary school

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11:21 pm, Nov 25 2011
Posts: 5

What type of Manga storyline is the best?

-Pure fiction/fantasy
-Science fiction
-Real life
-Mix of fiction and real life that you can't recognize which is which.

Post #509374 - Reply to (#491949) by MewMan
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8:54 am, Nov 26 2011
Posts: 10067

Quote from MewMan
does reading manga not directed at your age affect your way of thinking?
-don't know


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Post #509449
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9:18 pm, Nov 26 2011
Posts: 15

Would you date/marry a character from your favorite/current (or the most popular) manga?
Only if they're hot.
No. I don't date fiction.
Too busy for love
Him/Her and everyone else on the side.

Take away my freedom, you take away my life. Take away my culture, and you take away my identity. Take away my emotions, and you take away my voice. Take away my heart, and you take away my soul.
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Post #509709
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6:36 am, Nov 28 2011
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MU Avatar:

-use photo
-use personal photo (picture of yourself)
-use anime artwork (no ppl)
-use anime artwork, displaying character(s) same sex as yourself
-use anime artwork, displaying character(s) opposite sex of yourself
-other graphics (logos, .gif, etc)
-no image


-I am fine with myself and others w/ avatars and sigs displaying members of the opp gender of themselves
-I hate is when others use avatars and sigs displaying members of the opp gender of themselves
-I am fine with both
-No opinion



-I HATE them with passion
-I love 'em
-as long as they aren't important to the plot
-Traps... as in to trapping stuff?
-What are traps?

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"I'll shut your mouth~~~~~ with mine~~~"

Post #509759
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4:46 pm, Nov 28 2011
Posts: 1792

Do you think you will abandon reading mangas in the future?

-NO! I will preserve this passion!
- Yes, it's sad but I think it won't last long.
- Of course, better sooner than later, because it takes soooo much time.
- I don't really care, I only read to kill time...

in need of romance?
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1:31 am, Nov 29 2011
Posts: 553

Your favorite manga is being re-made in a different format. Which do you prefer?
-anime series
-anime movie
-live-action series
-live-action movie
-depends on the manga
-no preference

EDIT: or -manga is the best format, i'm not interested in re-makes

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5:03 am, Nov 29 2011
Posts: 70

Sorry if these have been suggested already.
1. You prefer reading series with:
-a male lead
-a female lead
-multiple leads
-no preference

2. The best endings are:
-thought provoking
-no preference
(lol what other kinds of endings are there?)

3. I prefer series I read have lead characters who are:
-Younger than me
-Approximately the same age
-Older than me
-No preference
-I don't even notice their ages.

4. Has reading manga/manhwa/manhua made you interested in learning the language?
-Yes, and I have gone out and learned/am learning said language
-Yes, but I've given up on learning
-No, but I'll look into it now
-No, not now, not ever.
-I've never thought about it

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