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7:46 pm, May 30 2012
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As an alternative to time skips-
How do you feel about flashbacks?
Like them
Hate them
I don't care
Never seen one
depends on the story

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7:28 pm, Jun 1 2012
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Taken from Easy Going Scans ^^:

What type of leecher are you?

Reader type:
I wait patiently for the next chapter to come and do not bug the scanlators for more because I know that is annoying.

Lurker type:
I lurk on the scanlation group site and refresh often so I won’t miss the next release.

Otaku Type:
I lurk at mangaupdates releases page and read whatever the scanlators put out.

Retard type:
I nag at the scanlators to translate more even when they are doing steady releases.

Post #554111 - Reply to (#521395) by fantas-ie
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7:02 am, Jun 2 2012
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Quote from fantas-ie
Which common stereotypes do you dislike in characters?

- the perfect characters
- the big chested characters
- the characters with fangirls/fanboys
- the extremely evil and sly rival
- the shy, innocent, and cute characters
- the flowery and dazzling characters
- the player type of characters

This one

A just ruler amongst tyrants
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3:58 pm, Jun 5 2012
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i have a couple ideas..
In the future will you introduce anime/manga to your kids?

Who do you like better (yaoi question)
uke or seme?

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lιvιɴɢ ιɴ α yαoι woɴderlαɴd
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11:47 pm, Jun 6 2012
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will you save anime for your kids
would you like fangirls/boys chasing you around biggrin

when life gives you lemons.. get an ak-47 and make bullet lemonade
Post #555375 - Reply to (#521890) by Hellsayer
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6:30 am, Jun 9 2012
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Quote from Hellsayer
Do you prefer mainstream or non-mainstream manga?
i like them both equally


A just ruler amongst tyrants
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Just another otaku

7:23 am, Jun 9 2012
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how were you first introduced to manga?

-by a friend
-through anime
-by yourself
-it's part of your country's culture (e.g japan)

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10:43 pm, Jun 9 2012
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Those last couple poll choices were really good.

In manga, everyone often is really beautiful with big eyes. I want to be like that. I want you to be like that too. Do you...

1. Think it's wrong to judge people on appearance.
2. Think if everything in the world were to be cuter or more beautiful, that would be a better world.
3. Think it's okay if good is represented as beautiful and evil as ugly.
4. Think evil should be beautiful and the good people ugly sometimes in manga/anime.
5. Think everything is beautiful if you look at it clearly.
6. Think everything is ugly if you look at it clearly.
7. Just want big eyes.

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10:40 am, Jun 14 2012
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Do you feel ashamed for being a manga/anime fan (a.k.a. otaku)?
-Nope, I tell all the people o/
-No, but I don't advertise it.
-Yes, but I don't care anyway and still show it through.
-Yes, and I hide myself in the corner.

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1:58 pm, Jun 14 2012
Posts: 8

What time of day do you normally read manga?

- in the morning just after I wake up
- during a break in the middle of the day
- when I'm supposed to be working/at school...
- when I get home from work / school
- at night
- any time of day I can get some manga time!

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1:05 am, Jun 15 2012
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What's the best thing about summer in the manga/anime universe?

1. The people wearing yukata and watching fireworks at festivals. Goldfish, takoyaki, masks.
2. People telling ghost stories.
3. The chicada background noises and nature scenes.
4. Fewer scarves, less clothes.
5. Characters take a vacation sub-plots.
6. Highschool students complaining about the lack of air conditioning. (I just think that's entertaining...)

Okay, it's not very good. It's HARD to think of something that hasn't been done. I'm still thinking how to improve this poll. wink

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2:30 pm, Jun 15 2012
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What gender and age are you ? Right now
1. a boy with age below 15
2. a boy with age about 15 - 20
3. a boy with age about 21 - 25
4. a boy with age more than 25
5. a girl with age below 15
6. a girl with age about 15 - 20
7. a girl with age about 21 - 25
8. a girl with age more than 25

Just want to know about the difference in gender and age of people that still countinuing to read manga right now. smile

Post #556473 - Reply to (#522520) by nowyat
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7:47 am, Jun 16 2012
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Quote from nowyat
What is the worst sin a mangaka can commit?

1. Kill off the main character.
2. Have two characters that look so alike you confuse them.
3. Draw the same faces over and over on different characters in different mangas.
4. Discontinue the story right in the middle, leaving it unfinished.
5. Divert the plot away from the main characters. boring...
6. Have characters step OOC and talk about the manga.
7. Copy another mangakas art or story line.
8. Being too formulaic.
9. Being too iconoclastic.
10. A plot that makes no sense with plot holes and bad dialogue.

Similar to this

A just ruler amongst tyrants
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12:55 am, Jun 18 2012
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Your best friend likes the same person as you. In a love triangle you

end your friendship and undermine them
end your friendship and fight fairly
keep your friendship and undermine them
keep your friendship and fight fairly
ignore your feelings and support your friend
convince your friend to ignore their feelings and support you
agree with your friend to drop the love interest
do nothing and see how things work out

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2:23 am, Jun 18 2012
Posts: 2

Currently, how long would you survive without anime/manga?

- under 6 hours
- one day
- around three days
- a week
- a month
- a year and beyond

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