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From User Message Body
Post #556858
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2:58 pm, Jun 18 2012
Posts: 27

What's the worst cliche?
1. weak crybaby shoujo girl
2. girl chooses bad guy over nice guy
3. hateful rival that's always out to get the main character
4. harem/reverse-harem
5. knight in shining armor
6. the villain never dies
7. villains/rivals eventually become protagonists.
8. characters power up thinking about their friends
9. girls with huge boobs/half-naked boys
10. perverts
11. main character always wins
12. screaming name of attack


The most irritating overused phrase?
- I won't lose!
- Impossible!
- I'll never forgive you!
- You're lying!
- Bastard!
- You're 100 years too early!
- That's my line!
- Do you actually think you can defeat me?
- Don't think you'll get away with this!
- You should just give up.
- I'll remember this!
- Don't decide that on your own!
- I hate people like you!
- Why is my heart beating so fast?
- He's not so bad afterall!
- I will protect you no matter what.
- Listen when people are talking!
- Don't touch her/him, she/he's mine!

Last edited by sujinj523 at 3:12 pm, Jun 18

Post #557109

3:13 am, Jun 20 2012
Posts: 6

Fill in the blank: "If the first few pages of a chapter in a manga is colored, it is _____ in black & white."

a) worse than
b) same as
c) 2 times better than
d) 10 times better than
e) 1,000,000,000,000 times better

Which anime do you prefer:

a) anime based on a manga
b) anime based on a video game / visual novels
c) anime based on light novels (or other forms of novels)
d) anime based on historical / factual / classical stories
e) original story anime

Regarding the length of opening songs and ending songs, which do you prefer

a) 90 seconds opening song, and 90 seconds ending song
b) 3 minute opening song, no ending song
c) something else
d) Dont care

Last edited by VanderDeckenIX at 6:39 pm, Jun 20

Post #557600
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1:34 am, Jun 23 2012
Posts: 82

Okay, before, when I posted, I wanted to just please you. But now I am venting.

What sort of quality do you expect when you buy a paperback manga.

1. I expect an eight and a half inch size book with a separate high-gloss colored loose paper cover and clearly discernible type that can be read over and over.

2. I will accept a seven and a half inch book with no separate cover but the print is clear.

3. I will accept a seven inch tall book with small, smudgy print in places, but secure pages that don't curl up on reading.

4. I will accept a small book with somewhat legible type, even if the words run into the spine a little bit and I can only read it three times before it comes poor quality.

5. I will accept any junk they give me with tiny illegible print and loose pages.

Okay, this poll is a work under process. I just am sulky, angry and venting. ( I have to mention that my most recent really bad quality books were printed in the U.S. as compared to my larger collection of Japan, China or Canada volumes. Get it together, 'us'!) I forgot to mention the most important thing, the art! It must be nicely presented!

Last edited by nowyat at 10:58 am, Jun 23

Post #557629 - Reply to (#525390) by mu2020
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8:03 am, Jun 23 2012
Posts: 9152

Quote from mu2020
inspired by "reading manga in public"[/url] and "Are you embaressed to let your friends know you read manga?"[/url] thread:

wearing/using anime-manga related merchandise in public


A just ruler amongst tyrants
Post #557719
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9:31 pm, Jun 23 2012
Posts: 77

Do you like furries (catgirls/catboys, etc.)?
- Yes.
- No.
- I like animals but not those weird human-animal-hybrids.

Post #557764
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Just another otaku

5:14 am, Jun 24 2012
Posts: 196

or maybe...

What has been your least favourite female sterotype in manga? (i'm not sure if this has been done before bigrazz )

- weak female (physical and/or mental)
-strong female (physical and/or mental)
-stupid female
-smart female
-the female with insanely unrealistic proportions
-the girl who is obsessed with love
-the girl who can never figure out what a 'beating heart means

i suppose it's a more specific version to the one above biggrin

Post #558755
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1:18 am, Jun 30 2012
Posts: 82

Do you get angry when people on a message board or chat criticize or make fun of a manga or anime that you love?

1. Yes! I tell them off!
2. I get angry but don't say anything back.
3. I get mad and leave.
4. I try to reason with them and explain why I love it.
5. I don't care what they say about my favorite things. The trolls.
6. I think people should only make positive comments about stuff they like, not be so negative about things no one forced them to read/watch.
7. I like to hear others' opinions, even when they hurt.
8. I am probably that person making the critical comments.

Last edited by nowyat at 2:21 am, Jun 30

Post #558809 - Reply to (#526074) by icassop
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8:27 am, Jun 30 2012
Posts: 9152

Quote from icassop
In romance you cheer for...
- main couple
- side couple
- love rival
- your own imaginary couple in the series

I like this one

A just ruler amongst tyrants
Post #559117
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Just another otaku

6:18 am, Jul 2 2012
Posts: 196

this one i'm quite interested in...

How expensive is it to buy manga where you live?
- Not very. Can buy as many as I want.
- Eh, average. I can buy them, but not too many
- Quite expensive. So expensive that i don't own many at all!
- I don't buy mangas.

I was thinking about putting a price range but that would be difficult due to people living in different countries and stuff.

I unfortunately am the third option, too expensive to make a habit of buying. sad

Post #559210

6:37 pm, Jul 2 2012
Posts: 55

very interesting for everybody who has read a series that has been axed:

What should a mangaka do, in case his(her series is axed:
- Wrap it up as best as possible and end the main story even though it will be sudden and overhasty
- Make a "season finale" and leave the main story open even though there is no possiblity of picking it up again later

edit: rephrased the possibilities

Last edited by JustPassingBy at 8:44 pm, Jul 2

Post #559600
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Snarkiness Lvl.500

5:49 am, Jul 5 2012
Posts: 97

I wonder...

Do you prefer anime that is...?
Original language
Dubbed in English
Subbed in English
Dubbed or subbed in another language

Hey relax, I'm just kiddin'.
Post #559668
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5:46 pm, Jul 5 2012
Posts: 53

sorry beforehand if any of these have already been mentioned:

most hated/false stereotypes in manga

weirdest character fetishes

favorite/least favorite characteristic in a protagonist

favorite setting (either time or place)

most important quality in a voice actor

favorite supernatural/sci-fi phenomena (aliens, vampires, espers, witches, robots, time travelers, etc.)

how realistic do you like your manga/anime

favorite animal as a side character (bear, mouse, cat, dog, bird, bat, etc.)

do you get emotionally attached when reading manga or watching anime

favorite weapon for a main character

favorite mode of transportation (car, bike, spaceship, teleportation, etc.)

how many chapters/episodes would you like your favorite manga/anime to have

Last edited by remi39 at 2:26 am, Jul 6

Post #559900 - Reply to (#526587) by whatnot
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7:11 am, Jul 7 2012
Posts: 9152

Quote from whatnot
Assuming you didn't read the prequel of a manga, would you read its sequel?
- I would check out the prequel first, then decide
- I would check out the sequel first, if it's good, why not?
- I would only read it if they have different main characters
- I hate sequels, why didn't the mangaka finish it ...


A just ruler amongst tyrants
Post #559978
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8:24 pm, Jul 7 2012
Posts: 211

What do you prefer
Movie based on manga
animé based on manga
manga based on movie
manga based on anime
Original manga
original movie
original anime

Post #560030

4:29 am, Jul 8 2012
Posts: 44

in the current poll, it's missing a very important option which is:
I read them as they were originally printed. I guess prequel first kinda fits that though technically it's the opossite.

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