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Is it really shounen-ai?

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10:58 am, Feb 2 2013
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The fact that Hakkenden is published on a BL magazine doesn't mean it is actually BL.

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Lone Wanderer

5:48 am, Feb 4 2013
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I agree. Admittedly, I haven't read past the point at which Bliss stopped releasing, but there isn't the slightest hint of shounen-ai in the first 3 volumes, save for some of the silly dude-looks-like-a-girl jokes you find in every other manga.
And this was originally serialised in a shoujo BL magazine (which means the stories were mostly shoujo with only the slightest traces of pre-slash); it got switched to Ciel Tres Tres because Ichiraci now publishes only shoujo romances and probably think that serialising something written by a shounen-ai mangaka is damaging to their image or something.

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7:40 pm, Feb 20 2013
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No more BL than Kuroshitsuji or Fushigi Yuugi.
Just the normal slashiness and jokes. Enough to be interesting, without being offensive to the general public.

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yarny, yarny

7:11 pm, Mar 29 2013
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Slashy, yes. BL, no. It's much like Silver Diamond (anyone who thinks SD is a yaoi has been sadly deceived).

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4:32 am, Jul 14 2013
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I like it if it is BL ! I will buy if it is BL laugh

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