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Searching for specific yaoi manga

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4:31 pm, Feb 13 2013
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For the life of me, I cannot remember anything about this manga except for all the kinky sh** that happens!
It goes like this: In the first chapter Guy 1 sucks Guy 2 while he drives.
Chapter 2 (I think) has them in a hot spring where they have sex with Guy 3 watching.
In another chapter, Guy 1 is in a theater when Guy 3 joins him and starts fingering him (I think). Guy 2 comes along and they both suck and finger Guy 1 until he comes.
I think the last chapter features Guy 2 fucking Guy 1 on a bridge.

That's all I remember. Any thoughts, anyone?

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4:58 pm, Feb 13 2013
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Wow!!! That's something you got there. I wonder if it's a collection of one shots~
Either way I wanna read it too since it seems super pervy and I'm a perv biggrin

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10:27 pm, Jun 26 2013
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holy shit something like that exits.. i so need the name

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3:00 am, Jun 29 2013
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romantist egoist, I think

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