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Girls, what do you think about female characters with XXL boobs?

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Post #590984 - Reply to (#588831) by silencecomes
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2:51 am, Mar 16 2013
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Quote from silencecomes
Totally unnecessary. Unless its comedy or some kind of a plot device (example Seikon no Qwaser)

As a guy, I understand that other guys like big breasts but I do not understand why so many like them being unrealistically huge in any situation.
Maybe its because I'm not as horny as a rabbit like most ...

laugh laugh laugh laugh

It's unrealistic and annoying. Anything bigger than that is probably either a porn or a comedy or something in between. >_>

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3:18 am, Mar 16 2013
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I think it's funny -3- so if it were a serious manga
I wouldn't be able to read it

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3:22 am, Mar 16 2013
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I don't mind seeing characters with all different boob sizes... as long as her boobs aren't larger than her head! And as long as her boobs don't fill the whole damn page. Even in hentai manga or anime, I don't know how guys think unrealistically massive boobs are hot... they just look too ridiculous (and take up too much space on the page)! no

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3:51 am, Mar 16 2013
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I find it rather appealing if it is done right. Sure, give a female unrealistic breast sizes - but be sure to give them the appropriate faces/personality that would go well with them. Like in a shounen series like Naruto, where a village has a female village leader. named Tsunade, with big boobs. That kind of character I don't mind because her personality matches with her outward appearance.

But shounen series like History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi, where almost every female has big boobs kinda gets totally ridiculous. Especially in some fighting scenes where they do some ecchi things like nipple-exposure. Is this a seinen or a shounen?

Don't get me wrong, women with big breasts are supposed to be an attractable part of their bodies, but some of these series tend to over do it - almost making them seem as if they are inflatable air bags.

Quote from Nirhtuc
Even in hentai manga or anime, I don't know how guys think unrealistically massive boobs are hot... they just look too ridiculous ...

Blue Eyes is a ridiculous example of how pathetic hentai can be. Big boobs on girls are one thing, but every girl that the male-character has intercourse with has big breasts? Seriously? Hilariously unrealistic.

Post #591014 - Reply to (#591000) by QueenVIP
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chasing oblivion

5:23 am, Mar 16 2013
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Quote from QueenVIP
Blue Eyes is a ridiculous example of how pathetic hentai can be. Big boobs on girls are one thing, but every girl that the male-character has intercourse with has big breasts? Seriously? Hilariously unrealistic.

In Blue Eyes' defense the main male protagonist is a huge boob fanatic. So maybe he only sees large breasted women and ignores all others. It's just hard to tell because all the women in that series have gag boobs.laugh Which is a related but different problem.

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Queen of Swords

7:03 am, Mar 16 2013
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Actually I prefer them to be bigger. I like my women with a lot of... depth.
I have a point when too much is just too much but for the most part 'bigger or way bigger than average' is good with me.
Where I start to drawn the line is either Tsunade big or big like the Nurse from HOTD.
It really just sorta depends on the build of the character, art style, animation, etc. for me.

However I also grew up in a family where the flattest chest out of all my female relatives was a DD, then became a D when she got into competitive swimming... this girl was me and I was in the 8th grade then. Now the flattest chest any of my female relatives have is a B but she lies and says it's a C. And that's my sister. To be more accurate the women on my moms side, except my mothers mother, and her mother before her, are pretty flat - nothing above a C unless they gain weight. On my dads side of the family the reverse is true.

I mean one of my Aunts was at least a DD, probably bigger, another is at least an E - and her two daughters have at least DD's and an F respectively. Then there's one of my younger cousins, still in highschool, who is a (get ready for this) an... I cup. Oh yes.

So I'm a D and like the second smallest of post-pubescent females according to my dads side of the family. Point being I grew up surrounded by large breasted women and was actually very confused as a child when I saw adult women who were anything less than a C.

And so even today I still hold the opinion of "bigger = better" but that sometimes it just gets ridiculous. Although I do dislike how large breasted characters are often treated as just there to be a sex symbol or to fetishize, leaving them totally flat as a character. In Hentai I can understand that but otherwise it's just annoying.

I say this because having a big chest myself I was often treated like that was all I had to offer. I used to hate my boobs, wished they were smaller at one point, then I decided it wasn't my boobs that were the problem - it was people sexualizing them so much. Yeah, I get it, people can be and are attracted to breasts and bigger ones are more obvious... but that doesn't mean you have to treat someone like they're a pair of breasts only.

Characterization aside though, the size of what would be roughly D - F with respective builds/frames to support them along with a curvy (but not Barbie doll like) body type is what I find most appealing visually. D - DD is what I prefer overall though.

But what exactly constitutes as "XXL" anyway? Seems like a matter of opinion really. I've known people who think anything bigger than a C is "too large".

Oh and I'm female and (Hetero) Asexual just for the record.

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9:50 am, Mar 16 2013
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Wow I'm really impressed. I never saw it from that perspective (im a guy) and I think that's totally true. People sexually fantisize about boobs waaaay too much(me...sorry!).
I'm fine with big boobs but obviously there is a limit...ehhh DD? Real Life is obviously different (I prefer B-C). In manga/anime though, it's either pettanko or chou oppai. flat chested lolis are the cutest things ever and huge breasted women belong in hentai....not in rated pg shoujo mangas....

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10:52 am, Mar 16 2013
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Well I'm a guy but this is annoying me too. I think small ones are better laugh
Big Boobs have more sex appeal, but small ones are cuter. And cute > sexy.
That's why I like mangas that try to be somewhat realistic in this regard. I absolutely hate it when there's only giant breasts or flat lolis and nothing in between like in many ecchi mangas.

By the way I noticed that many shoujos have it reversed, in that most characters in shoujo are flat and there are very rarely characters with medium or big breasts. I guess it's easier for girls to identify themselves with flat-chested characters xD

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Still growing.

11:21 am, Mar 16 2013
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I think man, she must have some major back pain...

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7:24 pm, Apr 4 2013
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When every woman in a series has huge boobs, I usually take that as a warning sign that the anime/manga is largley for fanservice purposes. When that happens, I don't complain or get upset or offended or anything like that. I just don't watch/read it. Simple as that. bigrazz

Characters with big boobs don't bother me though. Eh...but, I more or less spent the first 16 years of my life in Okinawa, so maybe I'm just immune to it all at this point. roll eyes

I'm female, btw.

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3:23 am, Apr 5 2013
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Personally, I love them. They validate my large-breasted existence. biggrin

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5:09 am, Apr 5 2013
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Hmm... well, let's see.

Being pansexual myself, I can appreciate a female body for what it is. But I do have to say, some of the sizes out there [due to individual art style or what have you] just kind of... bothers me. It's not like it's Bleach or One Piece or... well, Tsunade and new!Hinata are the only ones from Naruto I can think of off the top of my head, but I don't actually read any of those, so...

Anyway, it's not like they're the only offenders. And to claim that you only see 'XXL' breasts in hentai seems to me to suggest you have a distorted view of female forms. Personally, I think that's a bit damaging to the female psyche, if only because the majority of media outlets insist that [and this seems to hold true for western comics as well] a woman is 'supposed' to be... well, a lot of things. Society tells us to be a great many things, and media depict desirable women as tall, thin, and perfectly made-up. You're supposed to wear high heels, which damage your ankles and calves, but they make your butt look great! And you're not allowed to be fat... unless it's in the right places [ie, hips to a certain point, the rest in breasts]

I'm overweight, and have been for a while. I don't look as overweight as I am... mostly because a good portion of that is muscle. I have 38D~ breasts and don't wear makeup.

Can't remember what my original point was, since I got distracted in the middle of my long post like always.

tl;dr I don't care except for proportional purposes. It would be nice to see more chubby girls in media though. And less 'big-tits-shy-girl' stereotypes...

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7:34 am, Apr 5 2013
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I'm a gal. I think its a gross exaggeration of reality...but they're kind of fascinating because i think: Man, that must be one perverted mother fudger to be able to draw this and get it so right, but so wrong at the same time.

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I am a MangaUpdate

3:25 pm, May 11 2013
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Girl, here. WARNING: ESSAY MAY BE COMING UP. Honestly, I can understand many people's points of view. (me got good grammar) Of course that's not really possible, for I've lived my whole life a girl, of course. But, I can understand why some guys find it attractive and some not, and why some girls don't mind it and some girls hate it. For example, in Bleach, Hime has big boobs, but that has to go with the plot. Everyone naturally has different body types. In real life normally (I'm talking science, not being offensive, sorry) most women who have "XXL boobs" are normally more stout. Stout by that's just the way they are. People grow differently. I don't nessassarily mind it, but in the genre of ecchi, it somewhat bothers me. If any haven't noticed, women with big breasts are usually upperclass and know anything rich, are intelligent fighters whose purpose is only to "save the world" or something then to be "thrown away" like trash when their purpose is done, or are dumb "whores" that men can play with. It might be somewhat rude to us girls. So, anyone who took their time to read this should be able to come up with this: she's bi. smile wink grin

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3:47 pm, May 11 2013
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Huge boobs are just eye-gouging, but strangely fascinating from time to time since mine are small haha, but i usually enjoy manga more when huge boobs don't take half the page lol
roll eyes

KanataxYuki will always remain in my heart...
Their love is so profound~!
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