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Names of 5 mangas

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10:15 pm, Mar 11 2013
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I'm looking for the names of five mangas that I simply can't find using google. The topics are all over the place, so please bear with me.

I didn't want to start five threads...

1. A "terrorist organization" has set off some bombs in Toyko. The explosions shrouded a part of Tokyo in fog that no one can enter. The protagonist rides a motorbike into the fog and gets through. There is fighting. Some of the "enemies" were killed by their own people, but they suspect the protagonist.

2. A girl (something like a shinigami) is in charge of the prime minister who is about to die. No one can see her, but he can.

3. A girl comes to a town by train looking for a friend. That town is closed off, you can't leave it. There are certain paths only some people can take - you need a key or something like that.

4. A young man travels with his blind "mother", who is some sort of fairy. There is fighting, and if you get eyes transplanted, you can see better... There is a doctor and there is a guy who is very ruthless about threating the fairies.

5. The girl's sister is a famous model and she has always been in her shadow. But she found something she likes to do now. The father collects all the newspaper articles about the sister in an album and now he started one for the girl too.

Thanks in advance. I'm really looking forward to your answers.

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10:18 pm, Mar 11 2013
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I think the fifth one might be Chihayafuru.

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10:25 pm, Mar 11 2013
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4. should be this (though the male mc is blind, and not the "mother", she just lost her "light" (or something like that)).

some other seem familiar but dont remeber name

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10:27 pm, Mar 11 2013
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2. Hito Hitori Futari

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10:28 pm, Mar 11 2013
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@Sarariel: I never would have guessed! I know Chihayafuru, but I didn't connect the story with that description. Thanks.

@Jidan: Thanks, that's the one.

@Allez: Bingo. Thanks.

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Chaos Incarnated

10:44 pm, Mar 11 2013
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3. Tabi to Michizure ?

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10:51 pm, Mar 11 2013
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@D_dragon: and we have another winner. Thanks. biggrin

Now, all that's missing is the most difficult one...

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11:36 pm, Mar 11 2013
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Is 1. maybe Akira?

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2:22 pm, Mar 12 2013
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Afraid not.
Whenever I think of number 1 I kind of feel like talking about XBlade, Tokko or Karasuma Kyouko - but they aren't the one I'm looking for.
Problem is: I don't remember what the fight was about or if it was completed or ongoing.

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