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New Poll - Gender Bender in Real Life

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From User Message Body
Post #592008
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6:33 am, Mar 23 2013
Posts: 9106

This week's poll is from Zarallx. You know those gender bender series? Like 1/2 Prince or Gacha Gacha. If you've never read any of those, it's when the main character switches genders for some reason. So a guy turns into a girl or a girl turns into a guy. If it really happened in real life, which do you think would be more difficult for that person to deal with? Any of you ever watched "She's the Man"?

You can submit poll ideas here (and try to keep them manga/anime-related)

Previous Poll Results:
Question: At what age did you start reading manga?
10 years old and before (young'un) - votes: 3450 (18.2%)
10 to 14 years old (middle school years) - votes: 6591 (34.8%)
14 to 18 years old (high school years) - votes: 5482 (28.9%)
18 to 22 years old (college years) - votes: 2290 (12.1%)
22 to 30 years old (young adult) - votes: 818 (4.3%)
30 to 40 years old (prime times) - votes: 185 (1%)
40 years old and above (getting old) - votes: 125 (0.7%)
There were 18941 total votes.
The poll ended: March 22nd 2013

Wow, so many people started pretty young. Now if this was a full-blown survey, we'd also ask how old you are now, but alas, we're not doing that

A just ruler amongst tyrants
Post #592009
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6:44 am, Mar 23 2013
Posts: 701

Sort of hard to think about and unmotivated the way it's worded. Try

"Similar to a gender bender series, which would you prefer to happen to you?"

"I'll shut your mouth~~~~~ with mine~~~"

Post #592014 - Reply to (#592009) by FormX

7:10 am, Mar 23 2013
Posts: 317

I think that only makes it worse. I'm a guy, so I definitely can't be a "girl who turns into a guy." A better question would be "would you want to go through a gender-bender experience, y/n?", which makes it a different question all together.

I dunno, but doesn't this boil down to the gender and/or sexual orientation of the respondents? Unless there's someone who has experienced being a guy and being a girl (in two separate occasions, of course), I'd say they're equally hard.

Post #592016
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A silly pumpkin

7:21 am, Mar 23 2013
Posts: 174

The only reason why I think turning into a female would be harder is that they would have to deal with getting their period, something girls collectively hate.

We work in the dark, we do what we can, we give what we have, out doubt is our passion and our passion is our task, the rest is the madness of art. Henry james
Post #592017
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7:23 am, Mar 23 2013
Posts: 1705

From my experience of reading ridiculously amounts of genderbenders, it's usually the 'Guy => Girl' scenerio that's harder laugh

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Post #592024
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8:07 am, Mar 23 2013
Posts: 716

I'd say guys would have a much harder time adapting because of our ridicules mindset and thought patterns.. ( I for one would love to try being a girl for awhile. A day or two maybe)

Is this me in a nutshell?
Pretty much.
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Post #592027

8:31 am, Mar 23 2013
Posts: 354

Oh oops...misread the poll. thought which preferred to read haha....
um...i chose guy --> girl but....idk b/c you turn into, it's not like cross dressing. If it was cross dressing gender bender then I choose girl -->.guy. Since it isn''s hard to say. I guess it depends on the person's personality.

but then again, if a guy --> girl, he'd have to deal with the TOM every month and its a b*tch honestly....

Post #592028
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8:37 am, Mar 23 2013
Posts: 618

In the short term, maybe girl to guy. In the long term, definitely guy to girl. Most guys wouldn't mind having a set of boobs to play with or doing anything considered effeminate without prejudice for a while. In fact, I'm sure most guys would enjoy the experience until they have to deal with all the biological and possible social setbacks that girls have to go through. Menstrual cycles, prejudice in certain countries, backstabbing among female companions are just some of the things guys will regret having to face. Also you would actually have to care a lot more about what to wear and whatnot, instead of the good ol' grab whatever is clean and wear it.

Post #592031 - Reply to (#592028) by Damnedman

9:23 am, Mar 23 2013
Posts: 16

Hmm not sure about the female backstabbing part. I, myself, am very selective of my small group of girlfriends so I'm very loyal and close to those I consider friends. 10 years of friendship, I think they consider me the same. So personally, I don't think backstabbing is that common of thing among females.

Adding on to prejudice part, recently I just read a post somewhere where it said "it's more acceptable for a woman to become a 'man' since she's 'bettering' herself. Vice versa, it's considered 'disgraceful' for a man to become a woman because he's becoming 'less' than he is, throwing away all his privileges that comes from being a man."

It's funny that this poll popped up just when I wrote an entire essay about the prevalent rape culture in society. Granted, rape occurs to both genders-women are not the only victims-but it is true a majority of rape victims are women. Most men don't realize that a lot of girls growing up are taught that rape can happen anywhere. From an early age, we are taught to fear any strange men and to stay vigilant. If rape does occur, it's usually, "Well it's your fault that you provoked the rapists. You weren't paying attention to what you wore and what you drank!" I can go on and on about this, but that's not the point of the poll lol. But yes, guys turning into girls, I don't think they can handle the sudden change in attitude that society will place on them. Suddenly, you will be considered second-class citizens, and face unwanted attention and sexual harassment on a daily basis. Some guys find it amusing to holler at girls to pass time or to show off to friends, but a lot of girls will either just find it annoying on a good day or a threat to their safety on a bad day. I'm not preaching feminism, just facts about what it's like to be a woman.

I think a girl turning into a guy will face a lot of challenges, but I'm not sure if it's as much as a guy turning into a girl. I mean forgoing monthly periods, I'm surprised no one mentioned childbirth yet! I don't think ANYONE wants to experience childbirth...not even most women!

Last edited by xblkdragonx at 9:32 am, Mar 23

Post #592033

9:41 am, Mar 23 2013
Posts: 211

i think it's easier to accept a girl suddenly becoming rough rather than a guy suddenly become feminine. it's just me
i wouldn't kiss the 'girl' though, neither the 'guy'

Post #592034
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9:44 am, Mar 23 2013
Posts: 525

Guy to Girl is probably harder, cause as soon as you have a vagina you end up on the radar of perverts, molesters and other degenerates of your neighborhood. And that is something I wouldn't want to cope with.

User Posted Image
Post #592037 - Reply to (#592031) by xblkdragonx

10:01 am, Mar 23 2013
Posts: 3

Well, how would it make you feel to be always be consider a potential rapist? Can't even talk to kids without being considered a pedophile. Also, women get the right to be choosy about their men, while men can't be as choosy. Most women expect men to make the first move. Men also get screwed over by several laws, where as women usually don't. It's always seen as ok for the woman to play the victim, but never the man.

Periods and pregnancy both suck very bad, and I wouldn't want to go through either. The decreas in strength and the increased hardness of losing weight suck also.

Post #592038 - Reply to (#592037) by HKSpice

10:03 am, Mar 23 2013
Posts: 3

Also, don't bullcrap me about women not being choosy, women are hypergamous, men are not.

Post #592039 - Reply to (#592037) by HKSpice

10:13 am, Mar 23 2013
Posts: 16

And that's why we have to abolish rape culture. But because rape culture still exists, as much as I would like to sympathize with men for being seen as potential rapists, I can't muster too much sympathy. It's still better to be seen as a potential rapists then to be seen as a potential rape victim. Women can always play the victim simply because women are always seen as weak and defenseless. Bias certainly-I'm not arguing with you on that- but that's just how the dice rolls.

LOL it's funny you mention about women being choosy in men. My original post had an additional paragraph that said, "I read in a youtube comment that as long as a girl is normal and doesn't have high standard, she can always get a boyfriend while it's harder for a boy to get a girlfriend period. Not sure how true that statement is, but if it is, I suppose that could be consider one of the challenges a girl turned into a guy would be." I took it out because I wasn't sure how that applied to a gender-bender since I'm not sure about their sexual orientation.

Last edited by xblkdragonx at 10:40 am, Mar 23

Post #592040 - Reply to (#592038) by HKSpice

10:21 am, Mar 23 2013
Posts: 16

Quote from HKSpice
Also, don't bullcrap me about women not being choosy, women are hypergamous, men are not.

Ouch, getting defense overe here! I wasn't about to argue with you on that point, dude.

In my opinion, the low-down, quick and dirty explanation on how women and men date is that women go for material wealth and men go for looks. Just my observation.

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