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Who do you guys think will be the next crew member?

Who's the next crew member?
The "fairy"
Someone we haven't met yet
Some person we've met before
No one, brook will be the last new member
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8:36 am, Apr 12 2013
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I strongly believe it to be rebecca. It makes the most sense. Jinbe will probably eventually become part of the crew but the next member i think is rebecca. It'd be interesting if law joined though, with bepo. XD

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12:40 pm, Apr 12 2013
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They already have all of the crew members they need, but another female would round it out nicely. So I voted for somebody we haven't met yet.

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Though if someone besides luffy or burgess wins the mera mera no mi, I could see them joining the crew.

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4:43 am, Apr 14 2013
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Alternate question: do you think the next crew member will be part of a crew already? Jinbe - sun pirates, law - heart pirates, etc. aka ditch their crew to become part of luffy's.

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5:22 am, Apr 18 2013
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two more people I forgot to put that some people apparently believe will be the next member:

stabbing girl (dancer with sanji)

Anyone think it'll be either of them?

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5:52 am, Apr 18 2013
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In order of who i think is more likely to join:

1.Momosuke. Since he has a strange man-made devil fruit which could be the reason for an arc, and has much potential to become strong in a typical shonen sense
2.Rebecca. Because she seems to fit well
3.Unknown or Known person to be discovered

That's just me tough.... is there a reason why Momosuke isn't part of the poll?

Also, i mitgh be wrong (and I probably am), but i somehow feel like something will delay Jinbei's turn to join the crew to much later

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Noblesse Forever!

1:56 pm, Apr 18 2013
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The poll options are terrible ~_~ You shouln't have made the poll.....A normal discussion thread would have been good.

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2:44 pm, Apr 18 2013
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Guys we must follow luffy's original list for his crew (Robin being an archeologist wasn't in it tho), he said he wanted a crew of at least 10 members and i believe he wanted a dancer... thats what he is missing right now.

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8:10 pm, Apr 18 2013
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@strixflash i just wanted to know other people's preferences....geez... Besides it's a legitamite topic and it should be discussed. The options are the cases most likely to happen plus or minus a few members that i didn't put...

I highly doubt momonosuke will be part of the crew...firefox guy might be though. I forgot to include him...darn it. Oh well i'd prefer it not to be three swordsmen though(though rebecca is technically a swordswoman(gladiator)).

@aagcnet he said ten total and i think he said dancer for one of them. Rebecca doesn't exactly fit any of the themese luffy said. Sanji's new girl might be a possibility though if it's following that.

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8:29 pm, Apr 18 2013
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I bet sanji's new girl will have a fun plot, and be kind of strong when mad.

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8:57 pm, Apr 18 2013
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I voted Rebecca just because my name is Rebecca biggrin

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10:06 pm, Apr 18 2013
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I hope law, then the crew would be really overpowered.

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6:04 am, Apr 27 2013
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I think they're next crew member is going to be a merman/mermaid (not necessarily jinbe) since luffy has every other type of person possible. if not, the guy with the man made devil fruit

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2:24 am, May 20 2013
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It's hard to say really. Jinbe has be give an offer to be a part of the crew already and I honestly think he will be a part of it later on in the series, but when is the big question. There is very little known about Rebecca to say that she will become a part of the crew. She could be like Caimie and be a good friend of the crew or she can be like Vivi and temporarily travel with the crew, but has to leave because of prior obligations. It's still in the air and hard to say about Rebecca.

For the alternate question, I do think Jinbe was going to disband his crew, if he hasn't done so already (I could be wrong about this). Jinbe has already showed signs that he wants to travel with the Strawhats, but I would not think he would bring his crew with him. And to me, it seems that Law is starting to regret making an alliance with Luffy because of his happy-go-lucky personality, so I highly doubt Law will ever consider being a permanent part of the Strawhats or even go as far as to combine their crew.

And as to Sanji's new girl, I have a feeling that she is going to leave Sanji as soon as she sees him around Nami and Robin. That's why she stabbed the other men she was with.

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7:19 am, May 22 2013
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nefertari vivi, jimbei and dorry and broggy and bon clay are all members of the mugiwara.

I think the TOY SOLDIER, who help franky if is not controled by the gekko moria's KAGE KAGE NO MI ( but probably ), is going to be the new member and going to EAT the MERA MERA NO MI.
The fairies and the journalist are the same man : abusa, and, abusa is Absolum.

All the yonkou got few pirate battleship, whitebeard crew got the mobbydick and got other with marcos and ace and other as captain.
i think oda sensei doesn't want to separate the mugiwara in few pirate battleship and other crew are going to join them with their pirate boat. Law and jinbei and also borgy, dorry, not forgot vivi in alabasta, etc...
But the muggiwara crew is now complete ,the last member that what missed was a musician, and luffy hire Brooks

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8:26 am, May 22 2013
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so far all of the new members have been adedd after their first appierense so im gussing they will do the same but i can say it will be a soldier since zorro is the only soldier and in bigger fights they need more force like zorro though sanja and others fight to but they have other jobs and are no comparable withe powerful characters like admirals

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