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New Poll - Rating Series

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Post #597638 - Reply to (#597612) by MatrixM

4:55 pm, May 4 2013
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yeah, I was looking for this option too...

Post #597642 - Reply to (#597612) by MatrixM
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5:46 pm, May 4 2013
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Post #597643

5:46 pm, May 4 2013
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Well, I tend to rate high, but I think that's because I only really rate things I've read a large chunk of. Actually usually I only rate things I've finished. When I read the first chapter of something and go, "I'm not going to like this." I generally just never look at it again. I feel like giving it low rating because it doesn't match my taste would be rude.

Post #597649 - Reply to (#597612) by MatrixM

7:09 pm, May 4 2013
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The option is there now, for what its worth.

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7:22 pm, May 4 2013
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I don't give out 1 or 10
Most series got 4-7

its cold down here fam ~

7:45 pm, May 4 2013
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I don't rate things I don't finish and I never am able to finish anything I consider bad. So this poll needs a "I tend to only rate good series because I never finish bad ones"

My only exception to the above is when a series gets really bad after I am invested in it and I feel forced to finish it. Even then I tend to give a mixed score because I had liked it at one time. I don't really know how someone can stand a series long enough to give a fair 1 or 2 score unless they are a professional reviewer.

The poll also needs a "I vote based on how much I want to alter the average, so I tend to vote either 10 or 1" option.

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8:22 pm, May 4 2013
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I try to always give the manga a rating it deserves, but hey, one is usually rather subjective when it comes to rating. You can be fanatic about one manga and loathe the other to no end.

I have a lot of in-betwwen number, like e.g. 6,4 or 6,1 or 3,2. I actually do consider a lot giving a rating, except for the one I can't stand, those are immediate 1. Sometimes I give a manga I like a better rating than usual because it is not noticeable enough. In other cases, I give an overrated one a lower rating so it can "die down" a bit.

Well rating is actually quite useful when it comes to choosing a manga to read, since most people look up what gets a better reviews, so I think it's quite appropriate to take the task seriously.

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8:38 pm, May 4 2013
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I just vote series depending on their current rating, i would vote with 1-3 if i consider it is over ratted and the other way around too, 7-10, if i found a manga i consider underrated. If the manga's current rating agrees with me i just vote however i feel, i use all numbers because for me they are there for a reason.

but to be honest i can't take the rating too seriously, there are many reasons for a manga to be rated lowly and it's the same the other way around, I usually just read the summary of the manga and then give it a try regardless of its rating.

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Post #597664 - Reply to (#597651) by MewMan
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9:34 pm, May 4 2013
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Quote from MewMan
I don't give out 1 or 10
Most series got 4-7

This. I've given a few that were 2 or 3, or 8 or 9, but never 1 or 10. Almost all that I've taken the time to read fall in the middle.

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11:26 pm, May 4 2013
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I usually give 6-8.8 points to series.
If series is higher than 8.9 points then I consider it to be very good series. Several of my favourites have 10 points assigned by me.
4.5-6 means that i didn't really like the plot in the series.
below 4.5 means that i consider this series to be bad.
Few series received 1 point from me, usually it is something that I can't read at all...
You will not even find series below 4.5 in my public lists as I don't want to advertise them.

And yes I give decimal point digit. between 4.8 and 10.0 all 53 positions are occupied by at least 1 manga or novel.

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3:24 am, May 5 2013
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Definitely someone who rates the extremes.

Usually I have to be impressed enough to go to the series page and rate it a 10, or on the other hand, disgusted enough to go to the series page and rate it a 1, before promptly removing it from my reading list.

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3:55 am, May 5 2013
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I'm usually for extremes. I mean, for most series there is a target audience and just because it might not be something that gains your interest, doesn't make it horrible for that reason alone. If I find one that bad or that good though, I'm enticed to give a rating. Fortunately, I've only read one or two mangas that are truly horrible, so horrible I cannot see anyone liking it.

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5:17 am, May 5 2013
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meh... I find it weird to rate series that aren't complete when the later chapters can turn shit. But I still do anyways in hopes of getting people to give it a try.


4:20 pm, May 5 2013
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I really dislike when people go with the 1st option-- when they rate manga very high even when they themselves admit it's regular/cliche/nothing special, just because they "enjoyed reading".

When I look for manga to read I always first check the highest rated ones. I think the rating should reflect how good the manga is (our subjective opinion, to some degree), not just how much we enjoyed it (totally subjective). There are series I personally love that aren't great, I may still like them for various reasons, but it isn't hard to be a bit objective and don't rate everything that made me smile "10".

Said that, I also really dislike when people rate very low without any sort of constructive comment/explanation. Like, rating manga overall very low because of some theme that bothers us (for example big age gap between the characters in romance manga) or a type of character that we really dislike... never mind the art is great, story line unique etc. etc.

So yeah, I like when people try to be objective and fair when rating manga, not too biased.

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5:25 am, May 6 2013
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I hesitate to put a numerical value on any form of entertainment I indulge in for this very reason. Everyone's criteria for what constitutes a score is completely different, and I myself can't relate my enjoyment of something in number form. I mean, I can, but I always end up falling into the trap of, "Hmmm... If this manga's a 7, then this manga's a 6.X, but it can't be below a 6.6 because I think that manga is worse than this one. Or is it? Mmmmmaybe, THIS one is supposed to be a 6.6, and THAT one is supposed to be a..."

And then I just end up with a headache.

Anyway, as I said, everyone rates things differently. Like the people who think there's some inherent rule that says a rating MUST be based on "objective" factors, with how much you actually liked the manga as a small modifier to the overall score, which is completely ridiculous. Now, I can understand someone reserving 9's and 10's for truly great works and being a fair critic, but at what point does "being objective" cross into "being a pompous toad"?

I recently saw a post on another forum that almost made me fall clean outta my chair. I forget the actual context of the conversation, but one person was saying how they never give a game a 10 because everything has it's flaws or things that could be better. To which I thought, "Whatever. I don't agree with that at all, but do what you want."

Here's what made me scratch my head: Next post, some other bozo agrees with the previous poster, and says that he spent 2000+ hours playing Final Fantasy 11, and he really liked it, but gave it a 9 because "nothing's perfect."

Um.... WHAT? So... let me get this straight. You spent nearly a quarter-year playing this game, you really like it, but giving it a damn 10 is CRAZY because some arbitrary law you made up in your head says that nothing is perfect. You know what? You're right, nothing's perfect. So then given that nothing's perfect, why would you "objectivity" judge subjective things as if perfection were obtainable? I don't know, maybe I'm the crazy one, but I honestly can't follow that thought process.

EDIT: I forgot to mention this, but I also saw the same person on the same board do nothing but spew hate and discourage other people from playing a game that he gave a rating of 8.5 out of 10 to. Like, I'm not even trying to exaggerate, he had NOTHING but hate to preach and even prided himself on being a "hater". And yet...

8.5 out of 10.

Seriously. Three half-points from a 10, and if you think about it, since he never gives out a "10", an 8.5 is actually only two half-points away from the highest score he'll ever give.

THAT, my friends, is one finicky scale. I swear... there's something wrong with people...

Of course, now I'm rambling. Long story short, my rating system boils down to this:

I liked it.
It was pretty good.
It was alright.
I didn't like it.

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