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New Poll - The Waiting Game

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jail bait

6:14 pm, May 11 2013
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this is where i use the Reading List, cause i follow so much.. and the releases feels like ive lost part o my youth over the wait.

oh please do click this!
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6:40 pm, May 11 2013
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I was in that situation with Sun-Ken Rock: 17 chapters in english while there was 11 volumes in Japanese.

I learned to edit, joined a team and increased the pace of release myself. We're now caught up with japanese raw at the 20th volume and I was even able to scanlate that mangaka's other manga.

If it's your favorite serie, you just can't be passive like all the options of that poll...


7:58 pm, May 11 2013
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I want to point out to most people up there the word 'favorite'...

I go look for Chinese scanlations (actually doing this right now, even though the English scanlators are now keeping up... since I can't be bothered figuring out the English names of characters introduced in the last... uh... 14 volumes?)... but only if I'm really desperate. Then again, the reason I can do this is because I have no problem reading the Chinese.

For series I'm not that desperate for, if there are no releases available (and all the scanlators seem to be either really slow or on hiatus or something), I'll semi-drop the series and catch up whenever I remember it (how often I remember it, or catch up when I do, depends on how much I like the series...).

Then again if there are semi-regular (but slowish) releases for a series I like pretty well, I catch up every time there's a volume release...

Actually, you know what, the 'complete in original language' condition doesn't make that much difference to me lol.

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9:21 pm, May 11 2013
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Currently learning Japanese to get around this. Other than that I usually don't even start series anymore until they're finished. Cliffhangers completely screw me up so it's just not worth it. Looking at the raws just makes me end up with more questions than answers so I don't do that.

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11:31 pm, May 11 2013
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Now that I've taken a few courses in Japanese, I'm forcing myself to only read the original version (so I guess option #1 fits my situation best)... It's kind of a chore, because my vocabulary is still very small, so I have to look up a ton of words in the dictionary. But by giving up reading translations, I figure it'll help me learn Japanese faster.

For manhua and manhwa, though (and also manga if you had asked me about a year ago), I would pick #4 (read once completely scanlated), since as a general rule I don't start a series unless it's finished. I want to read it all at once and would hate being interrupted and having to wait for the rest. (All you who picked #3, how can you stand it? Reading a little bit at a time and then waiting? I would go nuts.)

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12:12 am, May 12 2013
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I wish i was better at reading raws. Sometimes I'll translate small stuff for myself but I can't actually continue a series by myself, it would take too long. What makes it harder is a lot of the stuff that's been dropped is meant for older readers and there's no furigana. If it was a children's manga I could probably get by.

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12:43 am, May 12 2013
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I read the raws, especially if it's my favorite series. But I can only read Chinese, so I usually have to search for those raws. I couldn't translate, but I know enough to understand. The worst parts are the names. If I'm in the middle, I don't know who characters are discussing because I can't translate the names!


2:06 am, May 12 2013
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This poll really depends on how you define "slow"
1) resort to reading raws--I rarely do this. It has to be a really good story or if I'm in the mood. I don't enjoy reading something just based on pictures b/c I don't want to jump to conclusions or spoil it for myself. I enjoy the element of surprise =)

2) this I have done but like the first one, rarely. But people post spoilers all the time.

3) This really depends on the definition of "slow". I do this a lot but it's also b/c the raws aren't available too that makes it difficult to anything except wait. This is only for the best stories.

4) This I do sometimes b/c there are so many stories out there that sometimes I just don't want to wait and I just wait for it to be finished scanlating.

5) I do this sometimes too b/c there are a lot of mangas out there and I don't keep track of which ones I've read and haven't read so much. But this is usually when a manga is dropped that I end up forgetting about it. However there is one manhwa that I'm really keen on wanting to be finished scanlating and that is the manhwa: Hush. Gosh I keep recommending it as a project but no one picks it up =(


4:55 am, May 12 2013
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I simply wait. For all the complaining I do about wanting to learn Japanese, I have no excuse for not having bothered up till now, so I probably never will. So I simply wait for it to get translated, official or fan. Until then, there are plenty of other mangas that have active translators, or are completed.

As they say, a watched kettle will never boil.

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5:17 am, May 12 2013
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it really depends on the type of series it is. something really plot/story driven i will definitely wait for the english release since spoilers will ruin my enjoyment of any plot twists/new developments/etc. sometimes if im spoiled of really crucial story elements by accident, i'll lose interest in a series and drop it lol. ;(

for bl, i will seek out raws/summaries <_<;;;;; PRIORITIES 8D

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5:25 am, May 12 2013
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Well that is what the reading list is for. At least for me anyway. If there is a massive gap though, I will just move it to the on hold list and wait for the scantalators are finished or wait until it comes out in my language and buy it. Naturally this also depends on what I reading it for- if it's just something I like for just the art, then I will stick with the raws and wait for a translation that may or may not come.

Funnily I usually have the opposite problem- I am super far behind and the series is updating at a rapid pace- the reason I am usually not into live action tv shows unless I have been watching from the premiere. I usually wind up giving up on the series unless I can get all the volumes in one bundle [usually a torrent] so I can marathon read it or I put it on hold until it's over and read it I am doing with Loveless and Ah! My Goddess...which will probably NEVER end. /headdesks

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