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Post #600216
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All is in chaos

3:49 pm, May 22 2013
Posts: 161

LOL Yes!!!!! Sasuke is such win biggrin I loved this chapter cool

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Post #600219
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3:52 pm, May 22 2013
Posts: 235

Ok loved the chapter, but I swear if sasuke becomes the hokage it will be the biggest troll ever.

Also I can't help but feel that sasuke just raised his own death flag.

Post #600222
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3:57 pm, May 22 2013
Posts: 318

I almost spit out the delicious chips that I was chewing on when Sasuke said he would become Hokage. Although I'm glad he's back he best get to the back of the line.
Since we are on the topic of Hokage and all, does anyone else feel like Naruto won't become Hokage? I feel like he'll travel around solo like Jiraiya instead. I'd be fine with either one.

And how do people feel about Minato's comment on Sakura reminding him of Kushina? I recall Kushina telling Naruto to find a woman like her. Foreshadowing??

Also, poor Sai. lol
He'll never become a part of Team 7 despite helping out as much as he does.

And why can Minato use a chakra mode similar to Naruto's??

Overall a ridiculous chapter (IMO) but I don't mean it in a bad way.

Last edited by neonkitty at 4:15 pm, May 22

Post #600223

3:57 pm, May 22 2013
Posts: 3

This is getting so ridiculous that I can't help but laugh. Still love the manga though. Too bad its ending soon.
I just wish that the ending was less rushed, because that's how it seems at this point. no

Post #600225
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4:10 pm, May 22 2013
Posts: 247

so. much. win. having. fan/girl. induced. heart-attack from awesomeness. also. can't. breathe. due. to. hilarity everywhere.

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Post #600228
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4:21 pm, May 22 2013
Posts: 24

Could be to do with sealing the dark chakra of the kyuubi?

Post #600229

4:36 pm, May 22 2013
Posts: 56

Yea... to be honest I wasn't really feeling that Minato-Kyuubi chakra thing...this was achieved after Naruto's hard training with Bee in order to master Jinchuurki level 3 or something bigrazz .
I just feel as if the author is treating me like a kid by making up powers for everyone to use and then coming up with a cheap excuses afterwards.

If this chakra thing isn't Naruto's Kyuubi mastery...then I wish to see Naruto reach the next level. Also, what was this sudden bromance moment the Kyuubi had for Minato?...I thought he only respected Madara, makes me miss the old days when the Kyuubi was an entity to be feared and approached only during extreme moments.

And am I the only one who has forgotten Sasuke's so-called horrible deeds?
I know he's a missing-nin, but all he did was leave, train, rough up some people (never killed, even under Orochimaru's tutelage), freed some prisoners, and walked around aimlessly for a purpose and revenge. Can't really see why the others acted as if he killed several Konoha ninja's that came after him, or as if he was some kind of massive threat. (the whole 'he wanted to destroy the Leaf' argument doesn't really count as he didn't declare to anyone but his group and Tobi).

I don't mind Sasuke being Hokage, but I want Hinata to be happy and Sakura with someone other than Sasuke.

But yea, that's my two cents for today, so humor me biggrin

Post #600235

4:51 pm, May 22 2013
Posts: 184

I don't think the Kyuubi respected Madara, he just feared him

Speaking of Hokages, I wonder when the five Kages are going to reappear. And where Orochimaru went.

Post #600236
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Is a female

5:15 pm, May 22 2013
Posts: 3425

We still need a Naruto v Sasuke fight.
I will not accept them fighting over the title of Hokage or something as a way to get them to fight.
I still don't trust Sasuke. He's up to something.
Maybe that's just my dislike for him that's speaking though laugh

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Post #600240
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6:06 pm, May 22 2013
Posts: 27

If Naruto ends up with Sakura, I... I... I mean,

Hinata > Anko > > Ino > > Tsunade > > > > Tenten > > > > Girls in the fillers of the anime > > > > Random fangirl of Konoha > > > > > > Resurrected girl > > > > > > > > Sakura

She is so unlovely, she'd fit Sasuke better. And I vote for Sasuke next Hokage, since I'd like to see of Naruto either big boss of the alliance or a vagabond.

And again, if Naruto ends up with Sakura, I... I.... I'll.... I....


Post #600243
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Sims3 Maniac

6:50 pm, May 22 2013
Posts: 378

I'm sorry, but the Sasuke thing was stupid... it had to be a joke because I can't see how he's seriously going to fight for the title of Hokage after everything he's done. Yeah, sure, he suddenly flips and says he'll protect the village for Itachi. And now he says he'll be Hokage and f*** everyone's opinion? roll eyes

It was already confirmed a while ago that Sakura was a parallel to Kushina or had a very similar personality at the very least. But some fans denied it so hard, they're shocked to see it thrown in their face officially by the mangaka himself.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing Sakura's hidden power. I'm going to assume it's similar to Tsunade's technique. It's taken her so long because her chakra is average compared to Naruto and Sasuke.

Why, hello there!!!
Post #600244 - Reply to (#600219) by Humza
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6:51 pm, May 22 2013
Posts: 143

Quote from Humza
Also I can't help but feel that sasuke just raised his own death flag.

I wouldn't mind...his character has become so shallow that he'd serve better in death as an inspiration

Post #600249
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7:20 pm, May 22 2013
Posts: 878

I honestly don`t know how to feel about this chapter. Minato using Kurama`s chakra out of nowhere just feels awkward. What was all that crap so far about Naruto surpassing his predecessors? Seems like Minato can do everything Naruto can and more (teleport). It would've made more sense for Minato to have sage mode rather than Kurama chakra shroud, he was Jiraya's genius student.

As for Sasuke, no chance in hell for Hokage.

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Post #600250
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7:22 pm, May 22 2013
Posts: 920

I thought this chapter was just ridiculous, yea because the 1st Hokage said some shit about how ninja endures and shit you suddenly want to become one? I mean what happened to the hatred and shit, Sasuke and his mood swings are just stupid, alright I see why he would like to stop Madara and all but becoming Hokage? Not much of a chance of that happening without some excessive asspull, I mean he attacked the Raikage and killed Konoha adviser Danzo. The Minato Kyuubi chakra form was also stupid he was sealed for gods sake and just got released like for an hour and bam he can use it!

Post #600251
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7:31 pm, May 22 2013
Posts: 99

You know, naruto + sakura simply does not adds up for now. the last thing naruto said to sakura was refusing her confession because, by naruto's words, it's sasuke she loves.
About minato, just like naruto's talk with his mother, he is just agreeing with whatever they say. (because, instead of being his girlfriend, she's the girl he likes) There's also that naruto never actually said he refused hinata. (it may be just a silent agreement that hinata has no chance, but we are still in the dark)
About forgiving sasuke, so far he just: allied with orochimaru, allied with tobi, killed an unknown amount of samurai, atacked the five kages, killed spies sent to track him, was declared a runaway ninja with a death warrant, killed a hokage, defiled hokage's tomb to help with forbidden jutsu.

EDIT: forgot to say: loved the chapter, made it feel closer to end!

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