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itou-junji scans

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9:13 pm, May 22 2013
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hi guys
i want to creat a group named itou-junji scans to translate all of his unscanlated mangas
so i'm looking for a jp-ch Translator
if you want to join then sned me an e-mail
or tell me here!!

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8:33 am, May 23 2013
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Come and Go

8:54 am, May 23 2013
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How about also trying to contact or gather all of the previously scanlator of the Manga by Itou Junji?
In the groups scanlating part. biggrin

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11:20 am, May 23 2013
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i'll try

Post #600342 - Reply to (#600309) by lord-mitsu
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4:34 pm, May 23 2013
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Quote from lord-mitsu

Only bump after a week

A just ruler amongst tyrants
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1:05 am, May 24 2013
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Sorry about this. It's not that I don't want to join and help scanlation for my favourite author-- but it's far to busy on my part due to schooling. I will be more active during the June holidays and I will most likely be translating the Junji Itou mangas individually.

I am still part of Slug-Chix and they are on hiatus now because our leader is busy.

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