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how'd you get into one piece

How'd you get into One Piece?
through a recommendation
tried on a whim
watched the anime (4Kids, Funi, Jap, etc)
Other (Post a comment)
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Lazy Scanlator ^_^

10:54 pm, May 30 2013
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I started with anime. I was eyeing it for a while - I first discovered it in 2005 after seeing an amv (One Piece The Beer Song, I think) on one of the websites I used at the time, but it wasn't till late 2007 that I actually started watching it (got a faster connection then).
I started reading the manga once I run out of episodes to watch.

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11:17 pm, May 30 2013
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Anime as well, I think it was during the Arlong arc.

Kinda fell off the boat (haha) and stopped my anime watching altogether. Then years later started reading manga, in general.
Got back into Onepiece during the Thriller park stuff while the crew was looking for some shadows or whatever and have been hooked ever since.
I actually went back to chapter one and MARATHONED like 500 chapters... worth it! dead

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5:55 am, Jun 30 2013
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I was doodling, and one of my friend's cousins told me that my art style looks like the art style in One Piece. It actually doesn't, but that was enough to get me to pick up a volume at the bookstore one day. Oddly enough, I've never seen that guy again. I'd like to tell him he messed up our whole family. Most of my family watches it now. bigrazz

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6:17 am, Jun 30 2013
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Most of my family watches it now. bigrazz

Even your parents?

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6:29 am, Jul 22 2013
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I used to watch it when i was younger, than i stopped watching it (dono why), so i started to Marathon the whole thing (Skipped Fillers) so after a mounth and 7 days i caught up to episode 604, I'm happy i did ever Since and it's been my fac show of ALL TIMES. eyes

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5:54 pm, Sep 30 2013
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Saw the anime many, many years ago. Heard the crappy dialogue of the english dub and Sanji with a lollipop instead of a cigarette and said 'screw this'. Avoided it like a plague.

Then heard of its popularity and thought 'How can people watch this?'. Did a little digging and learned that many anime are based on manga. Not one to judge one thing based on something else related to it I tried the Manga. Got hooked on the series and Manga in general.

Now I avoid anime dubs, watch only subs. But fillers irk me.

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7:08 am, Nov 6 2013
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I saw One Piece for the 1st time at volume 18 or 16 and when I first saw it I couldnt stand the art that I threw it up immediately. It was not until the next year that I meet the manga again in another occasion. I was bored and all that my friend had was a volume 21 One Piece (the Arabasta arc). This time I read it for real and immediately fell in love with the series. Really you cant just judge the story by its art smile

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