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From User Message Body
Post #601078

1:05 pm, May 29 2013
Posts: 164

Discuss. "Stuff" happened.....

Post #601081
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1:26 pm, May 29 2013
Posts: 143

Whatever...Sakura's not a wimp anymore...

Post #601084
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1:45 pm, May 29 2013
Posts: 187

For some reason this chapter gave me an 'I don't even care anymore-feeling'.

Wonder why.

Post #601090 - Reply to (#601084) by Paikiej
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2:39 pm, May 29 2013
Posts: 878

Quote from Paikiej
For some reason this chapter gave me an 'I don't even care anymore-feeling'.

Wonder why.

I got the same feeling... It's probably because everything kind of felt exactly the way it was before Sasuke went rogue. And that is a bad thing because it kind of negates Naruto's progress, having Sakura or even Sasuke keeping up with him at this point is just awkward. Up until a few chapters ago the shinobi alliance only survived because Naruto shared his chakra around.

Even if Sakura is stronger than Tsunade right now, she is still a tier bellow the Raikage for example because he also has the speed and lightning chakra shroud. She shouldn't even be able to keep up with a sage mode Naruto... he should be just as strong in sage mode plus he has frog-fu and chakra sensing. Sasuke has his sharingan cheats but even he shouldn't be capable of keeping up with Naruto in Kurama chakra shroud mode, which is on a whole other level compared to normal sage mode... He's faster than the Raikage whom Sasuke couldn't keep up with at all.

The reasons why Madara and Obito are strong enough to fight Naruto is because they control the Tailed Beasts, because they've spliced themselves with the First Hokage's DNA, and lastly because they also have the Rinnegan which lets Madara use the same moves as Nagato.

Power level fluctuations aside, at this point I just want to see Naruto shine and get recognition for his efforts and heroism. I want to see the previous Hokage surprised and to praise him... he's earned a little more respect by now. And yet what happens this chapter? Arrogant Sasuke telling Naruto to get out of his way. Sakura somehow keeping up and saying "Sasuke-kun" at every chance she gets, making Naruto look the fool...

I sincerely hope everyone gets their ass kicked (no hard feelings towards Hashirama, Minato, Kakashi & Killer Bee, they are cool in my books) and Naruto saves the day as it should be. Maybe Minato can go and deal with his old students Kakashi and Obito, I'd really want to see how they react to seeing Minato again.

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Post #601095
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3:09 pm, May 29 2013
Posts: 318

I want to be Hokage.

Post #601097

3:10 pm, May 29 2013
Posts: 89

Read it and was "meh", for me reading Naruto is now going through the motions, I've lasted 600+ chapters so I just want to see how it ends, there's no more excitement with it anymore.

Post #601100
user avatar

3:32 pm, May 29 2013
Posts: 8

This chapter's feeling is WHO GIVES A SHIT about Sakura and Sasuke-kun!
Give me a break bitch... Naruto rules! And I believe that the other chapters will prove it!

(o_O) (>_<) (^_^)
Post #601102

3:50 pm, May 29 2013
Posts: 56

Completely agree with you guys. Keeping up foot dead
She's outclassed... Yes, she managed to throw two high-powered punches, but so what? She was reckless and would've been dead if the others didn't intervene, I can't praise her for that.

How the heck can Kiba dare to even say he wishes to be Hokage, what has he got to offer after seeing Naruto's strength? (and sasuke's talent for that matter).

This Hokage business is becoming annoying, Naruto used to dream of becoming Hokage because he thought it was some kind of popularity contest and that it would make him loved by everyone in the village. Now that he's got friends dripping out of his butt from Konoha and other villages, shouldn't he focus his energy on something else and let someone capable and with at least half a brain lead the Leaf and its affairs?

The only person allowed to spout nonsense about being Hokage is Shikamaru, seeing as he's able to unify the villages and is a clearly capable and sorta stable individual (even if he will consider it as troublesome - believe it).

You have no idea how glad I am not to hear 'dattebayo' or 'believe it' or even 'that is my ninja way'.

Goodness, so glad i dumped animes like 4 years ago biggrin

Jun Tenkawa
Post #601105
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4:10 pm, May 29 2013
Posts: 131

That was some...shounen-ish chapter.

Post #601109
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4:26 pm, May 29 2013
Posts: 41

who the fuck is sakura!! fuck this naruto series its so disappointing for me...

the fuck of the fuck series for me there is no more excitement when reading it..

its more fun reading when naruto vs akatsuki..

Post #601112

4:36 pm, May 29 2013
Posts: 30

I'm still in shock over the whole "Sakura being his girlfriend" crack from last chapter. The last two chapters really did ignore EVERYTHING that happened in this series over the last few years. That probably means its ending soon and they think they're cleverly coming full circle not realizing that ending where you started is just dumb...

Post #601113
user avatar

4:40 pm, May 29 2013
Posts: 235

We have loads of complaints at how sakura isn't a strong enough character so i think this is a attempt by kishimoto sensei to fix that though its very last minute.
Other than that the main theme was that team seven is back or temporarily reunited so just a little nostalgia trip.
I do think the "sasuke kun" thing was annoying as hell though.

Post #601114
Piss Ant

4:41 pm, May 29 2013
Posts: 171

I, too, agree that Sasuke and Sakura shouldn't be able to keep up with Naruto. Well, maybe Sasuke a bit. Let's not forget that Naruto just turned his kyuubi mode on again after all of Karuma's chakara was used up. And not to mention that there is still a level above that where he shrouds himself within a kyuubi shaped chakara mass (I have no idea what else to call it lol). When the 4th Hokage eventually dies, or whatever will happen to him, that Naruto will get the other half of the kyuubi, so he should be able to completely transform into Karuma, like Bee does with the eight tails. Sasuke and Sakura with be foreshadowed by that. I just wonder who their individual enemies will be or if they all fight one together.
Like everyone else said, this chapter was pretty meh, but at least we see that Sakura and FINALLY hold her own in battle instead of being the damsel in distress. But keeping up with both Sasuke and Naruto was stupid, even with her the hokage's forehead seal thingy. And I still hate how Sasuke just changes sides on a whim again. Also how he acts arrogant by saying "stay out of my way, Naruto." It's just like the old days of them fighting together and it's rather annoying that none of them matured. I would have rather seen Naruto and Sasuke fight to the death. But no, Kishimoto listens to the little fanboys or something and makes the buildup to the climax generic as ever. I hope more main characters die. laugh

-No longer do I quote great scholars, the famous, etc. Kids feigning wisdom ruined it.
--I wont type a post like a college report. If you don't read it just for that reason, you don't have to post why your hoity-toity ass refused to. I swear, so many people on this site are so full of themselves. A lot seem to think they always have an "intelligent and/or logical" point or show signs of a superiority complex. They never admit they're wrong. Maybe partially, but excuses abound! :\
-Stop mailing me about my comments. I don't read them.
Post #601117

4:52 pm, May 29 2013
Posts: 26

I'm happy for her and all, but the sasuke mo ent made me rage. I wonder why naruto has yet to acknowledge hinata?

________________ L-verx3.gif
Post #601119
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5:00 pm, May 29 2013
Posts: 247

ya know, i was starting to get respect for sakura. pre-shippuden she never fought alone(if at all) except against ino(and that one was just sad both ways) and i'm trying to remember any solo fights in shippuden. her attacks, fighting spirit and grow shown here made me excited for her. then she blows it by almost getting killed, being saved by sasuke and naruto(feels nostalgic huh?), and then having the audacity to say she'll "be the next hokage dattebayo!" honestly, it's like everyone wants to be hokage now! it was naruto's dream since the start and everyone used to mock him for not having the skills or ability to be so. now that he can back it up, they're all insulting him by suddenly claiming tht they want it! he's the only one who's put in the blood/sweat/tears/time/work/effort to deserve it. and i mean, do you think any of the other villages' shinobi would be okay with someone else taking naruto's dream after seeing his efforts?

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