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Ending story...

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3:39 am, Jun 24 2013
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After read the monochrome factor,
I have been hesitating to write this topic or not... (maybe bad at English grammar)

I feel like it and I also feel unsatisfied with this ending story... I really wanna to know what happened to Kengo's sister? Is her memory has erased? I hope there is new enemy/plot....

I wanna tell you what I feel to write little bit :-
Aya: Do you want to visit Kengo's grave?
Akira: Wa..what? Oh, yeah today is Kengo's death...
Aya: !? (Irritated) WHAT you forget about him already!?
Shirogane: I think it would be good idea since we haven't pay a visit...
Aya: B..but! How about Kengo's sister? What happened to her?
Kou: .... I erased her memory but I'm not sure if she can regain her memory like you because a strong bond?

*They walked to Kengo's grave and bring the flower
Akira: ... it has been 4 ( or more?) years that you have passed...

*Akira stomped the Kengo's grave and grinning with murderously aura... (=_=?)
Aya & others: ..... He haven't changed a bit....
Aya: Sorry for forgetting you, Kengo. Today I want to apologize you.

*Aya put the flower down...
*Suddenly a person who similar to Kengo passed them behind
Akira: !!? .... It can't be~? (Gulp)
*Akira turned and try to approach that guy (he tried to grab his shoulders)
* The guy with black hair turned and to Akira and his friends surprise.... (That guy is similar a little bit)

That guy: Who are you?
* His friends (a girl and a boy standing with her) yelled at him
That guy: Yeah, I'm coming~! (With cheerful voice)

Akira: It can be.... His behavior is same to the past Kengo. (shocked)
Aya: That's true....

Just for now... I think I cannot write anymore, I imagined too much than writing back what I imagined... (=_=|||)

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11:06 pm, Nov 11 2017
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Sorry but I'm really confused by your post. confused Those story about "visiting Kengo grave" came from your mind or you read it somewhere? Because you know I own complete manga of Monochrome Factor in japanese and there is nothing like this. confused

I finished reading of MF recently so I can give you answer about Kengo sister.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
She is in the last two chapters of manga by the way! She returns home, drunk as usual and she is asked her mum to wake up dad and Kengo. She goes upstairs, open door of Kengo room and then in flash moment she is losing her memories about him. Kengo's room turn into storage room and Mayu is crying at the ground. Her mum come to her and asking why she went to storage room any why she is crying. Mayu says: I don't know. But I feel I lost something very important. Then in the last chapter she is sitting in bar which name changed too. Shisui is not there and Mayu is drinking as usual under different "master". Then doors open and Aya shows up. Mayu staring at her but can not recognize her. Ayu is asked to go away because she is minor and she leave with apologies. She ask before leaving if there was different bar in that place before. (Meaning - if this is new bar opened recetly). But "master" answer her it's not because he owns that bar for more than 5 years.

So that's how it is in japanese volume publication. Dunno if there were some changes compare to magazine chapters publishing or if scanators lost some pages. I don't read fansub at all and seems I am doing good if I read your confused post. cool

I consider myself as manga collector. I don't read fansub but buying volumes and manga magazines! All my lists starting with "Own" word are manga series which I really own as printed volumes. I understand English and Japanese languages. And my native language is Czech.

About lists:
Own (ENG) = Official English translations.
Own (JPN) = Original Japanese publications.
Own (JPN = ENG) twice = Have same volumes in ENG and JPN too.
Own (ENG + JPN) combination = Series combined from ENG and JPN volumes.
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