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Gantz ended...your thoughts

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9:59 pm, Jun 30 2013
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On the final page they say "Dont miss The Origin of Gantz" in miricle jump june 25th!

does that mean he will continue the universe of Gantz similar to Dragon ball, Z?
wootwoot plot holes will be filled cool

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2:00 pm, Jul 22 2013
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Quote from jeffreymgibson
350+ chapters and you'd think he could of spared 1 tiny chapter to talk about where the damn balls and suits came from to begin with. And also, who were those weird creatures and statues they fought in the beginning.

My opinion is, the japanese are great at starting a story and setting up a good interesting plot, but they are terrible when It comes to keeping up a good story and they are downright disastourous at endings.

Actually, didn't they explain where the technology behind the balls and suits came from? Those "god" aliens sent Earth the info on how to make those weapons so they could defend Earth. May be a bit of a cop out, but that was explained.

And read anything from Urasawa Naoki (well, Monster, 20th Century Boys, Pluto). High quality stories from beginning to end.

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8:53 pm, Jul 23 2013
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To me it was really unsatisfying, since it was the last chapter I was expecting it to be twice as long or something tie some loose ends and give closure. Nope, he wins, they survive (somewhow, don't ask questions), people are grateful, he gets the girl, the end. So dissapointed. I guess that when you see an author rely too much on boobs and gore to keep your attention is because he actually doesn't have much to say.

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3:18 am, Jul 24 2013
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Reread the last chapter _carefully_. Who lives, who dies is entirely UNKNOWN. That's the subtle genius of it.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
It's a hallucination sequence of a presumably drowning Kurono.

Tons of little hints about that, but - 3 days without panties, 'nuff said. Also, whether or not that glitchy American ball ever transfered *anyone* successfully is veeeery open to interpretation. It kinda blew up in progress.

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his and her sonnet

1:20 pm, Jul 26 2013
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ok just finished reading it
wow its been a long time since i last read something so exciting
kinda fell back towards the end but who cares
you guys should've waited until its completion then read the whole manga in one go, u wouldn't have cared about the ending then

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