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3:58 am, Jul 2 2013
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I was looking for some "demon" related mangas, but eventually gave up. Then, I was looking at Yana Toboso's (mangaka of Black Buter/Kuroshitsuji) bio, and saw she was friends with this author. Then I saw this author was good friends with the author of MOCHIZUKI Jun, the author of Pandora Hearts. Hmm, no wonder some characters and topics between Pandora Hearts and Black Butlwr are so alike...unless its a real coincidence. But, like I said I'm my othermsg recent post, it's a small world after all, I guess. eek

"'The lives I've taken will be paid for with my own life.' That's one way to look at it...but it doesn't mean they come back once you die. Lives can also be paid for by the sword; by redeeming yet other lives. That is why 'Hitokiri Battousai' is still alive in the Meiji Era."

don't click this link...
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