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Britian's Pornography Ban

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Post #610614
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Peaceful Dictator™

2:59 pm, Aug 12 2013
Posts: 740

Sometime ago it was announced that David Cameron(PM) wants to filter on-line porn by setting up an 'opt in' system where by one would phone their internet provider and ask them to remove the filter.

The intention is that it will protect children of dangerous and degrading porn but mostly weed out child pornography. I for one do not care about the children but i would like to see child pornography eradicated.

Do you like the idea?
Would you support this sort of filter in you country?
Do you think it will work?

My heart's frozen so don't tell me I've got a cold heart.
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Post #610616
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3:05 pm, Aug 12 2013
Posts: 525

Care to explain how this will weed out child porn?

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Post #610618
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3:17 pm, Aug 12 2013
Posts: 2128

I'm all for protecting the kidsl, but this is bullsh*t. Censorship should be the responsibility of parents/guardians. If someone's kid uses foul language in public, do people blame the parents or the government? I've never heard any gossiping housewife say, "oh my, I wonder what his government teaches him at home?".

The internet feels sort of like a far away country to a lot of people, in many regards. Cameron's using the old "waging a war abroad to hide problems at home" tactic here, most likely to divert attention away from some other blunder his party/government might have done recently. Politics 101.

I'm not singling out Britian here, since I don't live there, but we've seen similar patterns in other nations. They use "save the children" for laying down the infrastructure. Next, they block "terrorists". Then they'll block "evil" movie pirates. Finally (in some cases, depending on legislation) they'll block people who disagree with the ruling government.

Not that it makes much of a difference. England's already one of the biggest "nanny" states around. I was in London recently, and the number of cameras there is just insane. Even if there's no one directly monitoring your web activity, I'd bet there's a camera just outside your window, peering into your room and looking at what you have on-screen.

Last edited by G-17 at 3:52 pm, Aug 12

~Point & Squirt~
Post #610625
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3:45 pm, Aug 12 2013
Posts: 204

Does the great chinese firewall work? Did the Russian iron wall work? How about the war on drugs, prostitution and terror in USA? The banning on alcohol then? Very well then, act against online piracy?

If you answered no to these questions then you answered correct.
Banning something wont make it disappear. It'll go underground and people know how to safely get it out of the watcher's sight instead of with bureaucratic methods and the dreaded catch-22. Just because you can't see the problem doesn't mean it isn't there, right?
Doing it to "weed out child pornography" is just a stupid excuse. Tor and freenet are two places hard to get the perpetrators of such crimes as child abuse. At least in legal ways and if the perpetrators aren't stupid.
at least 98% (my own made-up numbers) of all child pornography on the net exist in the "deep web". What this banning does is just moving those lonely 2% to the deep web. What's next, banning deep web? Good luck with that as it'll move into Cameron's work computer then.

So instead of banning and making new laws and change existing current laws like a stupid bureaucrat they should focus on technology to catch those that hide to commit child abuse and then sell it as porn.
Remember, those that hide are always one step ahead. Try to at least be one step behind instead of 100 billion steps behind. wink

Last edited by GuttedGnome at 4:08 pm, Aug 12

Post #610627
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Muscle Rider!

3:55 pm, Aug 12 2013
Posts: 89

New porn laws almost always end up overly broad in an attempt to give police more power. But the reality is that the police are already granted full legal power to get rid of child porn. As said above, they don't have the ability to get at it. Giving cops the legal power to arrest someone doesn't give them the physical ability to catch them. Laws do not catch criminals, police do. If the police don't get more competent at this, the crime will not decrease. Humans are resourceful; If there is a demand, a supply will appear, no matter what.

When you meet your god, tell him to leave me alone. --Guts -Berserk
Post #610628
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4:01 pm, Aug 12 2013
Posts: 471

i dont understand what you mean. from what you said they will block porn as long as the homeowner dont specifically lift it? i thought child lock already exist but i guess that way is more secure. i find no problem with it, just tell your internet provider to lift the filter if you don't want it innit?

anyway, even if i'm a shotacon i'm all for eradicating real life abuse. a lot of stuff is better off as fantasy.

Post #610645
user avatar

6:41 pm, Aug 12 2013
Posts: 188

I'm British and cool with it , I like shota and all but not Hentai shota or even yaoi shota , just fluffy kids stories , I think porn should be illegal (I have lots of reasons , I just don't feel like explaining them all)

Recommend me horror , yaoi and shoujo manga please biggrin
Post #610648

7:00 pm, Aug 12 2013
Posts: 486

So instead of having the parents put "privacy controls" on their electronics devices and monitoring their kids time on a computer, you get the government involved. Parenting is lacking these days.
Removing child pornography is great, but it didn't start with internet and will not end with it.

ryan elliott
Post #610660
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Aces in Exile

10:12 pm, Aug 12 2013
Posts: 13

its kinda idiotic because its just a distraction from actual problems such as the tories war on the NHS and a huge waste of money considering we are in a recession

User Posted Image
Post #610667
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12:09 am, Aug 13 2013
Posts: 340

I still don't understand how this weed out "child pornography" or did you mean weeding out "children accessing pornography"? I mean to be into child pornography, the individual must enjoys that type of material, so how does a parent preventing their child from accessing the internet sources prevent pedophiles from doing what they do?

Post #610672
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12:48 am, Aug 13 2013
Posts: 618

A link to relevant articles would be nice next time.

Stupid idea to say the least. If parents don't want their kids watching porn, they should do some actual parenting, especially since this idea is doomed to fail anyways. It's like trying to hide it by covering your monitor with a piece of paper. Not only that, it raises the question of what they will actually censor. I'd be pissed if some of the sites I regularly visit gets blocked due to "inappropriate" content while using public wifi.

Post #610674
Need Moar

1:20 am, Aug 13 2013
Posts: 17

This will do nothing.

You can't really find child porn unless you know how to. Such as the darknets. He thinks one can merely Google child porn and expect results to pop up. If it was so simple, child porn would be no problem.

Post #610677 - Reply to (#610672) by Damnedman
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1:49 am, Aug 13 2013
Posts: 340

Quote from Damnedman
A link to relevant articles would be nice next time.

I see. The link made it a lot more easier to understand. So... basically the guy wants to ban all types of pornography and the only way for one to gain access to it is to come out and tell their ISP, "Hey. Yeah. I want them pornos?" lol

Well good luck with his porn crusade, but it will never happen. Like everyone knows... the internet is for porn. I got facts --> biggrin

Post #610681
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2:22 am, Aug 13 2013
Posts: 838

japan should ban it... too.

Post #610685
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2:40 am, Aug 13 2013
Posts: 506

I'm living in China right now, and a lot of websites are banned, but there are always ways around it. So Britain's ban isn't going to do much.

Also, there's a problem with the logic behind the ban:

1) They want get rid of child pornography, but child pornographers aren't posting their illegal picks on the regular, legal (for now) porn websites. These people use P2P websites, which are hard to regulate.

2) They want to ban degrading pornography, such as rape porn, so that women are treated better in society. While I agree that women need to be treated better, I don't think people get the idea that it is okay to rape women from watching rape porn. Just because you watch something in a movie, doesn't mean that you are going to go out and do what you see.

"Dangerous...Abstinence is Dangerous"
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