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love hina

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10:06 pm, Aug 29 2013
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I'm completely lost here so I need as many opinions I can get :
Is the manga love hina good or not : some people seem to say it's one of the worse and others seem to think it's one of the best.
People could say I could build my own opinion and that's what I'm doing right now, but I really enjoy hearing other sides of the story.
Thanks in advance ^^

If anything, I'll be grey.
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10:15 pm, Aug 29 2013
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You mean that opinions on a famous series can actually be opinions, and thus be subject to the vastly varying tastes and preferences of the multitudes of people who have read it? SHOCK!

I personally liked it.

It is goofy, sometimes outright stupid, the MC is, quite frankly, a loser for most of the time, and the sheer hypocrisy of some of the situations can cause intense head-desk moments at a drop of a hat.

But is is also funny, the MC does actually grow as a person and even the romance element of it actually goes somewhere, which is more than I can say about some other series I've read.

I wouldn't call it the best nor the worst, but I do think my time was well spent on reading it.

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10:31 pm, Aug 29 2013
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Well... if u think about losers in manga u will either think of nobita or keitaro, Love hina's not the 1st Harem nor it is the 1st one with a cute yandere but... It is kind of unique in many ways, At least to me its the 1st one with a kind of a proper end lol bigrazz.

If not anything read it because u arent going to be keep wondering what happened at the end. Like Many other mangas.

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3:18 pm, Sep 2 2013
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if you in any way suggest that naru is a yandere type you should go CHANGE YOUR MIND

Love Hina hmm
read one chapter and you know exactly what is going to happen
the reason alot of manga dont actually show the ending is becouse...the reader allready knows the is NOT important

not even close to being the worst manga out there but the ppl who have it as a favourite likes it for the nostalgia only

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11:48 pm, Sep 2 2013
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Well, for now I have read about half of it.

It was kind of hard on me at the beginning because I feel strongly about honesty and self esteem and so couldn't bear to read how awful the situation became all because of a lie in the first chapter, but when I got through it, I believed it was quitea cute and funny story. I'll keep on reading for now.

Thanks for your answers and I still hope I'll get more answers in the future.

If anything, I'll be grey.
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