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be somebody

Which character of sora no otoshimono would you like to be the incarnation of ?
icaros : dumb and freagin' OVERPOWERED
sohara : kind with the chop of death for hard times
Tomo : I'm a pervert... AND I AM PROUD OF IT!
Sugata : God's brain, with god's ability, and I DON'T CARE!
Mikako : Steps on money, steps on human.
nymph : loud voice but no courage
Astrea : No brains, but got muscles!
All of them.
Can't choose anything.
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1:34 pm, Sep 5 2013
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Hello there ^^

I believe there are many different behaviours in the characters of sora no otoshimono, and so I was wondering who you feel the closest to

If anything, I'll be grey.
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