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Being deceived? *SPOILERS*

The good, The bad, The bully, or other
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Pies are good! *w*

5:15 pm, Sep 11 2013
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Am I being deceived?

Anyway else keep thinking that the Student Council President isn't a bad guy? And then sometimes you get the feeling he is but only in the "I feel like bullying this person" kind of way?

How old is he anyway? Takaomi got me thinking about that when he started talking about him being Peter Pan. I remember Shinobu saying he was one year older but the bet lasts 3 years...
Right now he should be a 3rd year so next year will he be around? Or will the story end before than?

My theory so far is that he doesn't care about the bet. He's just doing things for his own entertainment until he can graduate.

You guys have any theories about him? bigrazz

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12:12 am, Sep 13 2014
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Other! Because most likely he has his own reasons. Um not up with the current chapters so i dont know if that's been revealed yet

Post #660469 - Reply to (#614203) by takeva

6:10 pm, Jan 24 2015
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If you read the Raffmanga translations, you'll find out the truth. I'm not giving you any spoilers, but you'll finally learn the truth.

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