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New Poll - Hating Art

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7:18 am, Sep 14 2013
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This week's poll is from our member 007demosthenes. When you dislike a manga for its art, what are you most nitpicky about? And for once, there's an "Other" option. Post a comment if your choice isn't in that list!

You can submit poll ideas here (and try to keep them manga/anime-related)

Previous Poll Results:
Question: Favorite type of character?
The cool & handsome / beautiful one - votes: 788 (6.8%)
The quiet, stoic, and good-looking one - votes: 2460 (21.2%)
The noisy, stubborn, & hot-headed one - votes: 689 (5.9%)
The horrible, mean, & bad attitude one - votes: 388 (3.3%)
The helpful, kind, & cool one - votes: 992 (8.6%)
The robot / artificial intelligence - votes: 240 (2.1%)
The dense / air-headed genius type - votes: 935 (8.1%)
The 'always happy' character - votes: 372 (3.2%)
The handsome / beautiful sadist - votes: 1267 (10.9%)
The ugly character - votes: 101 (0.9%)
The sensitive but melancholic one - votes: 413 (3.6%)
The submissive, bumbling, and puppy-dog one - votes: 213 (1.8%)
The secretive enigma - votes: 962 (8.3%)
The clumsy fool - votes: 234 (2%)
The scheming plotter - votes: 1542 (13.3%)
There were 11596 total votes.
The poll ended: September 14th 2013

Did the quiet, the stoic, or the good-looking part win? Probably the last one... Reminds me of the character type of "tall, dark, and handsome" in literature.

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An innocent

9:07 am, Sep 14 2013
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Where is the option: Unfinished art?

What would be the best to put the art of Hunter X Hunter under?
Good story but horrible art. sad

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9:50 am, Sep 14 2013
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What bugs me most is when they add chibi characters for no reason. -_-
Looking at you Goong!

Or the manga that makes all the girls look about 12. That annoys the hell out of me.

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10:09 am, Sep 14 2013
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Certain styles bug me. It's usually why I avoid shoujo and josei. Having said that I have found a few that I don't mind, but the majority of them I don't like.

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10:19 am, Sep 14 2013
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"All characters look the same" & "Certain art styles" top my list but I went with "all characters look the same".

Kind of hard to follow the plot if you can't differentiate between the characters.

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12:31 pm, Sep 14 2013
Posts: 56

All characters look the same (or generic) make it hard to distinguish and people can easily misinterpret the story.

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1:48 pm, Sep 14 2013
Posts: 219

Huh. I would have listed a different set of options:
- Exaggerated shoujo styles (huge eyes, skinny limbs)
- Exaggerated shounen styles (muscles everywhere)
- Poorly-drawn anatomy not due to style
- Generic-looking characters
- bland facial expressions
- Poorly-drawn or non-existing background
- Poorly-drawn action scenes
- Excessive fanservice (huge breasts, revealing outfits, etc.)
- Unrefined/unfinished-looking artstyle (squiggly lines, Hunter x Hunter etc.)

And to incorporate the above:
- Random chibis everywhere
- All the characters look too young

It'd be very hard to choose from just one, though. lol.

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a possessive lover

2:33 pm, Sep 14 2013
Posts: 443

- Unrealistic expression
- Unrealistic boobs size (in action/adventure shonen manga).

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2:40 pm, Sep 14 2013
Posts: 31

With "hating the artwork," one of the best compliments for a series is that even when it is a style of artwork that you hate, you still really like the series.
I do like how there is so much variety in styles of art.

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2:42 pm, Sep 14 2013
Posts: 619

No options for special effects overuse or would that go into certain styles of art? I freaking hate it when a series overuses glitters and flowers.

Post #614534 - Reply to (#614499) by deadphoenix

5:46 pm, Sep 14 2013
Posts: 86

That depends on whether you consider "unfinished art" as a style or not.


5:51 pm, Sep 14 2013
Posts: 86

It was a tough choice between scraggly lines and certain manga art styles. While I think story is more important than the overall art, if it doesn't visually appeal to me, I will likely not read it.

Post #614536 - Reply to (#614517) by pyonk
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5:54 pm, Sep 14 2013
Posts: 365

Quote from pyonk
- Unrealistic boobs size (in action/adventure shonen manga).

(Why I rarely read shounen) Since this is not one of the choices, I picked excessively big eyes.

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6:19 pm, Sep 14 2013
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The eyes, hands down. The rest of the art can be gorgeous, if the eyes are pinpricks or cover half the face I move on instantly. I just can't stand it, badly drawn faces are a close number 2, but I can stand those if the story is good. Don't get me wrong, I'm fine with a large range of eyesizes, but if it just gets ridiculously small or large I won't even try to read.

Post #614540 - Reply to (#614536) by mizaki2100
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6:26 pm, Sep 14 2013
Posts: 9857

Hmm, should've thought of that one... too late, I guess!

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