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Does anyone know what happened to Netcomics (the publisher/company)?

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7:10 pm, Sep 19 2013
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I like a lot of the manhwa on Netcomics, but it seems like they haven't updated anything since 2012-ish.

Does anyone happen to know what's going on there? Did they shut down the business and are just letting the site run its course? Any news would be appreciated!

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9:59 am, Nov 12 2013
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I'm curious myself.

I actually made an account because I wanted to read the Great Catsby, I saw that there have been no updates but that series was complete so it didn't matter. However it wouldn't let me pay for anything, the site seems to be in limbo with no official word. Now my issue could just be a fluke with my computer, it had a virus a while back and has never been the same.

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 Site Admin

11:15 am, Nov 12 2013
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Don't ask for the status of other websites here.

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