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What's Your Native Language?

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12:44 pm, Jul 29 2014
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my native language is an Arabic dialect, a bit different from the Arabic taught at school, we also started learning French since 4th grade and English later in 8th grade (a bit late), and yeah mastering English is by reading/writing with it daily on the Internet.

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5:00 pm, Aug 2 2014
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Chinese .

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5:08 pm, Aug 2 2014
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my native language is Indonesian, but for some reason my brain always speak English whenever I'm thinking.. bigrazz strange, no?

maybe that's because I rarely talks with other people... sad

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7:11 pm, Aug 2 2014
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Second language Russian/English .. maybe my English better than Russian now, since all the games,books,and mangas I read are in English.

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7:32 pm, Aug 2 2014
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My native language is Chinese but I think that my Chinese may have gotten worst,by a little bit... The main reason is because I study overseas and speak English and write English ALL THE TIME... = - =

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7:34 pm, Aug 2 2014
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Well, the first language I learned was Cantonese (Chinese) but that's gotten worse overtime as my native language (as I was born and live in the US) is English so I typically only use English. >.<;
Moreover I never really had a chance to learn it, so I only ever spoke it with my older relatives.

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7:35 pm, Aug 2 2014
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My native language is Finnish and as Finland is bilingual country I also speak Swedish (started studying first at fourth grade and started again from seventh grade because I sucked at it..and still do laugh )

I started learning English in third grade.

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7:48 pm, Aug 2 2014
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My native language is Tamil but I can't write or read it. But English is my strongest language since I've been living in the U.S. for the majority of my life.

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7:32 am, Aug 3 2014
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My native language is Danish.
My second language is English, which i learned around age 10-11 by playing a whole lot of WoW.
I am also currently learning japanese, been doing so for 1 year+.

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7:51 am, Aug 3 2014
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I'm pretty much a simultaneous bilingual- I started speaking Sinhalese when I was 2, and then I started learning English when I was 3. English is the only language I can fluently read, write, and speak, though...

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9:57 am, Aug 3 2014
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Native language is bengali. I'm a trilingual though. Fluently speak Bengali, Hindi and English.

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12:28 pm, Aug 3 2014
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my mother tongue's Vietnamese
to somebody who think English's hard to learn, maybe you should try learning Vietnamese laugh

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9:39 am, Aug 8 2014
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6:03 am, Aug 31 2014
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When I was a kid I always watch cartoons so I learned that way.

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11:19 pm, Sep 4 2014
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Bahasa Melayu.
Living in Malaysia, ya duh, of course embarrassed

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