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4:06 am, Sep 28 2013
Posts: 144 this is a new series by Akamatsu Ken, sequel to Mahou Sensei Negima, yada yada yada...

But as of yet this series is not all that engrossing by itself. I'm reading this only to find out what happened to Negima and his gang of girls, not to find out how and when Touta will achieve his vague little dream

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Slightly obscene

4:25 am, Sep 28 2013
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I hear ya. It has the trademark Akamatsu humor that keeps it afloat, but definitely nothing beyond that. Perhaps it will improve.

I am more interested in what happened to those who came before as well, compared to the current cast.

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4:07 pm, Sep 28 2013
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Everyone's so impatient.

The current wave of complaints mostly read as "this mystery is not interesting because we don't know whodunnit". It's laughable.

I like the manga thus far, and I like the new characters. I, too, want to know who of the Negima cast is still alive and all, but I can wait for the bird to sing. Akamatsu-sensei obviously has things planned, that much is obvious. So even if Negima characters come into play only much later in this manga, I'm fine with it.

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10:11 pm, Oct 2 2013
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The issue pretty much has been addressed.

If you're reading this manga in search of answers to what happened with the Negima! universe, you're going to have to wait a while, the main story's gotta kick in first. Heh, even then you might not get the answers to everything or anything you were eager to know. This is, after all, a story of its own.

State of mind matters, and I already got over Negima!, rushed conclusion and all.

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