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New VK Chapter Coming in November

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10:01 am, Oct 4 2013
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I kinda can't beleive that more people aren't talking about it, but as you can see here:

on November 5th, the 19th and final vampire knight tankoban will be released as a regular edition, and as a limited edition with a special cover and mini artbook. A brand new light novel focusing and Zero and Kaito will also be released that day. (The third vampire knight light novel in the series).

And, most importantly, on november 8th, Lala Fantasy will come out with a special 40 page vampire knight chapter, apparently set after the finale and meant to explain
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Zero and Yuuki's relationship after Kaname was frozen, and before Zero died. I wonder if we'll finally see a wedding scene :D ?

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1:22 am, Nov 13 2013
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This means more Vampire Knight for me to buy... -_-

I don't want to waste my money on it anymore, but I can't have the first 16 books and not have the rest. WTF

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2:51 am, Nov 13 2013
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Another terrible chapter of Vampire Knight.

I wasted 10 minutes reading it. Lala gave Hino 40 pages to come up with something and, as usual, came up with nothing.

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12:01 pm, Nov 15 2013
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Quote from PJ1
Another terrible chapter of Vampire Knight.

I wasted 10 minutes reading it. Lala gave Hino 40 pages to come up with something and, as usual, came up with nothing.

Ain't that the truth.

I also love the fact that the chapter was advertized as being about Zero, when in fact it was about Yori. A good old bait and switch to get the handful of fans this series has left to read it I guess.

With so many loose ends that this manga left behind, it was lame that the extra chapter only resolved two things: 1.) Who fathered Yuuki's daughter and 2.) Yori got pretty when she grew up.

40 pages just for that.

This mangaka had better consider letting someone else write for her from now on because, while she can draw, it's obvious she doesn't know how to tell a good story.

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6:50 pm, Nov 15 2013
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huh. would any of you guys actually suggest someone picking up this manga? i've read some, but stopped. i have a tendency of doing that when i start getting really into something and thinking it could end badly. which it seems to have.

was it worth it at all? i don't remember much past Yuuki finding out about her past and leaving the school. i think her best friend had just done something really stupid and dangerous right before I stopped reading.

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Post #621092 - Reply to (#621036) by childlike_thunder
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4:16 am, Nov 16 2013
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was it worth it at all?

No, unfortunately it wasn't.

I don't know about other people, but I would absolutely NOT recommend this manga to anyone. The only recommendation I would make is for someone to read the series up until the point that you did, actually. It's best to pretend it ended with Yuuki leaving the school. The manga after that point is one terrible, gigantic mess.

To avoid giving specific spoilers, I'll just say that the flow of the plot gets completely upended after the timeskip. For a manga that originally moved at a decent pace, everything after the timeskip is just a bunch of long, drawn-out nothing. Post-timeskip, there are literally 3? 4? volumes (it felt like 10) where Yuuki is locked up in Kuran manor doing nothing except rolling around on the ground and feeling sorry for herself.

This is the other part of the problem: the main character is butchered post-timeskip. She regresses as a character and becomes one of the most unlikeable main characters I've ever met. It's not overstating things to say she becomes one of the most hated female main characters in at least the past 5 years, possibly ever. There's nothing positive you can say about her by the end. She's Bella Swan but much, much worse. (The whole story ends up being a Twilight rip-off, actually.) It's just sad and frustrating to see.

Yuuki isn't the only character wrecked in the manga, the rest either get left by the wayside or become shells of themselves.

The biggest problem, other than the pacing and the characters, however, is the plot itself. Post-timeskip, it gets very confusing, very muddled, and by the end, there are so many plot holes and things that get left unresolved that it left the vast majority of fans feeling angry. There are a lot of people who have resolved never to read another one of Hino's mangas again. In fact, one of the scanlation teams left a pissed off note at the beginning of the final chapter, something to the effect that they wanted to Hunt Hino down because this was not how you end a manga. It was funny.

The final volume of the series is absolutely rock-bottom bad. It was semi-tolerable before that, but some very, very bad story choices get made that really cemented people's hatred for the manga.

Now that you've been properly warned, you can go ahead and read it and it may not be as bad as I've made it sound. No one was expecting what happened in the final volume, so that's what made it feel like such a huge slap in the face. But if you know in advance that the last 4-5 chapters are going to piss you off, you may get less pissed and be able to laugh about it all?

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