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Words you want to use someday?

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From User Message Body
Post #616714
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6:02 pm, Oct 4 2013
Posts: 187

I have a long list of words that I like or have read and would love to be able to put into use one day, for example flabbergasted, seldom, debonair, scatter-brained, acquaintance, vexing and pawn.
Do you have any you'd like to use?
And while we're on the subject of words, what's your favourite word (in any language)? Mine would be the Japanese chouto.

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subir fotos
Post #616725
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Page Flipper

8:59 pm, Oct 4 2013
Posts: 92

Of course, there're plenty of them! eyes

For example: tedious, lavish, obstinate, mellifluous (I really do love this one word. <3), turmoil, disdain, eloquence, abolish, jaded, dismally and a lot more, but I can't think of them right now. ^^'

And then there're idioms! <3 Just to mention my favourites: The first one's 'for all the tea in China' and the second one's 'Every cloud has a silver lining.'... It's clichéd, I know, but.. I can't help it. biggrin
What do you think about idioms? Favourites? shy

As for my favourite word it'd be Slovak word 'mrzký' which means unsightly or something very similar to that meaning. smile

Post #616727
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9:03 pm, Oct 4 2013
Posts: 32

I've always wanted to call someone dipshit. It sounds so funny so I don't see it as an insulting word. biggrin

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Post #616735

9:37 pm, Oct 4 2013
Posts: 272

what holds you? most of them could be used quite often

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Post #616738
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10:29 pm, Oct 4 2013
Posts: 425

not really words, but... I really want to use English. I use it only on internet. I know my pronunciation must be horrible, but still....

my favorite japanese word is benri. German has a lot of scary cool sounding words. But I like a word in my language, which is not in the language, just made up by my sis. "Mámvpičista". hahaha.

if there is an option between "to do" and "not to do", I will always choose the latter.

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Post #616740
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10:45 pm, Oct 4 2013
Posts: 315

Oh nice question ^^
I agree mellifluous is very nice word! I'll use it as well xD I don't remember right now any word but I'll think about it =]


“The longer we live, the more weight we carry in our hearts.”
Post #616743 - Reply to (#616725) by KuroiMarimo
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Slightly obscene

11:19 pm, Oct 4 2013
Posts: 494

+1 on the love for the word "mellifluous." It's such a nice sounding word.

I used to have a British colleague with whom I had plenty of talks about the English language itself, and we had some fun wordplay and such from time to time. Since both of us had read Douglas Adams and such, our topics were quite varied.

I think I've used all of the others listed by KuroiMarimo other than mellifuous. A few mentioned by the OP as well. biggrin I'm doing pretty well for a person for whom English is only a secondary language.

My favourite word right now is most likely a single word line from Girls und Panzer, though I think large part of it comes from the delivery, not the actual word. "Tesshuu." Just makes me smile every time I hear it. The scene immediately preceding it was all kinds of awesome though, so that is a part of it too.

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Post #616804
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 Super Mod

9:49 am, Oct 5 2013
Posts: 6208


Post #616833 - Reply to (#616735) by jelzin89
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5:21 pm, Oct 5 2013
Posts: 187

Quote from jelzin89
what holds you? most of them could be used quite often

Well, first is that they don't really belong to my way of talking; I wouldn't think of using those words in real life. I see them written down and I understand them, but I don't think of them during a conversation. Second is that I live in Spain. No English-speaking here.

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subir fotos
Post #616835
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Mad With a Hat

5:43 pm, Oct 5 2013
Posts: 4767

I guess it depends on your everyday circumstances, but I'm not a native English speaker either and I use the words you listed often enough. Well, besides debonair.

Floccinaucinihilipilification? I don't think I can even pronounce that. xD

As for me personally, I always wait for a moment I can throw "defenestrate" into the conversation.
Such a picturesque word in my opinion.
I'd like to be able to use "crematorium" a bit more, because I like both the idea of cremation and the way the word sounds.

In Hebrew, I seldom have opportunities to use the word "אשתקד" (eshtakad) which means "last year". It's sadly become a literary word, obsolete from everyday conversation.

The Russian words I want to use more are just curses equivalent to stuff like "fap".
I use these often enough, but it's always fun.

Hrodulf and Bjornolfr, you will not be forgotten.
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Post #617073
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3:49 pm, Oct 7 2013
Posts: 49

Hmm... let's see... antidisestablishmentarianism? (If that's considered a word).

Actually just defenestration laugh Didn't get a chance to use it... yet. Also, literally (in a literal sense, not as an intensifier).

If I were a native English speaker, I believe I would get a chance to use far more fancy words.

In my own language, hmm... I don't think we have that many fancy words though. And the words are usually way too literary. We usually tend to intensify things instead.

Edit: Just noticed defenestrate in the previous reply. Good word indeed.

Last edited by Fantasier at 3:55 pm, Oct 7

Don't cry because your favourite manga ends; you would cry much harder if it didn't end at its appropriate length.
Post #617083
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5:17 pm, Oct 7 2013
Posts: 3

OK, im just going to throw this out there, and it might sound a little weird. I read this book, and in the first couple paragraphs its talks about a nickname the protagonist gives to one of the main characters. It is a simple, 3 syllable name. Its very easy to pronounce, nothing special about it, but the protagonist talks about how the lips and tongue move when you say the name. Ever since i read those first couple pages, i found myself fascinated with certain words or syllables. It went downhill from there. I know a couple people who like to use a plethora of large words, but i find myself enjoying that act of speaking random words, regardless of length or complexity. No, i dont mean i enjoy talking to myself. But lets say you state an opinion, instead of saying "i agree" i would say " i concur" because i enjoy saying the word "concur". It would literally make me smile on the inside. I like words with plenty of "L" "R" "S" and "T" sounds. Anyway, you guys wanted some words, not a life story. Here are some of the words i use fairly often.

Diaphanous, Dilettante, Indeed, Torpid, Evanescent, Susurrus, Prurient, Ameliorate, Concur, and Salacious.

Heres a couple more interesting words that i have read, but cant really find a good time to use in a conversation.
Acquiesce, Insouciant, Verisimilitude, Apricity. - i really like those last 2, but i cant really ever use them sad

Post #617085
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5:50 pm, Oct 7 2013
Posts: 618

Not a word, but I've always wanted to slip this phrase into a normal conversation: "Cthulhu fhtagn"
or "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'yleh wgah'nagl fhtagn" (full version). I haven't had any luck so far though no

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