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Love Manga, Anime not so much

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12:55 am, Oct 27 2013
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Been reading manga seen i was 6 years old but never ever get attached to anime. last week i try to watch Zero no tsukaima anime because there are no manga version of this series and this Fouquet appear with scary old lady voice and i go UGGH!! no.

when ever a series has manga and anime version i always prefer the manga, even though i heard the anime series first. not like my friends who always wait for the anime version if they read manga, they said it because the seiyuu, the company which produce the anime or that "moe" thing.

i know watching anime has advantages like good soundtrack or..... ( i lost here)

Bear in mind i really love american's cartoon sitcom like south park, family guy, simpsons, futurama even spongebobs.

any body has the same problems with me??

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1:19 am, Oct 27 2013
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Same here.

i especially hate the pauses it the anime where everyone is shocked or everyone is laughing they just infuriate me.

Manga, in my opinion, is always better overall but i sometimes seek out anime versions of some events like battle scenes. Like for example i found it worthwhile watching both anime and manga versions of the battle of whitebeard with the navy.

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5:43 am, Oct 27 2013
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I prefer the manga version because I can get through a series faster then watching the anime.

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7:57 am, Oct 27 2013
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I usually prefer the manga version, yes, but there are exceptions. Such as Trigun, Full Moon wo Sagashite, Ghost Hunt, xxxHOLiC, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Aishiteruze Baby, REC, Video Girl Ai, and Itazura na Kiss, among others...

There are various reasons. Sometimes the anime makes changes I like; sometimes the manga goes on too long whereas the anime ends pleasantly; sometimes the anime is better paced; sometimes the anime has a better art style and/or the voice actors and animation lend color to a narrative that was otherwise too bland...

If you are trying to get into anime by watching fairly pathetic examples like Zero no Tsukaima... well I'm not really impressed by your efforts. Try watching a good anime.

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9:03 am, Oct 27 2013
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I believe it really depends on the series. Many series need to be only one kind of media to express their story at best. In my opinion: CLANNAD, Byousoku 5 Centimeters, Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai etc are much greater than their manga's. On the other hand, Sakamichi no Apollon, Bakuman, Black Cat etc manga are better than their anime's (although for the first one, the difference is not that much).

A lot of anime's these days emphasise too much on Fan Service scenes, understandably because they want to make money and there are people who just want those scenes; manga's have those properties, too, but the proportion of manga's with a lot of pointless Fan Services and bad storyline to those without is far less than that of anime.

Anime's can do what manga's can't, and vice-versa. After a while, you will know what you can expect from an anime from looking at screenshots and characters, and will be able to decide if it is worth watching or not.

Quote from RandomUser
I prefer the manga version because I can get through a series faster then watching the anime.

Usually true, but not always. Try watching JoJo anime's...

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Don't cry because your favourite manga ends; you would cry much harder if it didn't end at its appropriate length.
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4:47 pm, Oct 27 2013
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