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3:18 pm, Nov 13 2013
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...I'm not mad because even though it was all talk and Kakashi wanting the finish for himself like a selfish bastard, the last panel put me at ease, lighting up the field from the husk of whatever the hell it was as plain ol' Naruto, the wait is well earned. Let the other titles give me my fix, hard times people. no I need it, I need it now...what the hell happens?! mad

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3:38 pm, Nov 13 2013
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We have to wait a month and a half?? The ending better be superbly well drawn or something...

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8:14 pm, Nov 13 2013
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Quote from PaladinRich
We have to wait a month and a half?? The ending better be superbly well drawn or something...

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8:18 pm, Nov 13 2013
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I see that you started a war and killed millions, but maybe Rin allowed this to happen? Wonderful logic Minato!

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10:24 pm, Nov 13 2013
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I never am one to complain about Naruto or Bleach, but Naruto is getting irritating.

Besides the hiatus that we have to go through, the series should already be over. So much dragging out and no one cares for Obito's problems his fight should have ended multiple chapters ago. Anyways I hope it ends after the hiatus cause I don't want to see a third Naruto anime and don't want more shitty filler episodes. Which started again after maybe 3 eps of story content

maybe someone can clear this up for me.

Did Rin actually like Obito? the flashbacks portray that somewhat

Though wasn't it said she was kinda like Sakura and like Kakashi is was silent and emo?

If so, damn buddy what a stupid reason to end the world. Plenty of fish in the sea Obito

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11:49 pm, Nov 13 2013
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well, the battle nearly end..but I'm still wondering what's happening to Yamato cry

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Sims3 Maniac

2:03 am, Nov 14 2013
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I'm pretty sure the hiatus is only 1 week. There are like. 48 or 49 issues of SJ a year. This was the last one of the "year", so it starts back up at #1 after next week. I could be wrong, but that is my understanding.

I was kinda hoping that Kakashi would have the chance to put Obito out of his misery and end it... but I'm ok with Minato stepping in. I HAD BEEN WAITING FOR KAKASHI AND MINATO TO MEET IN FOREVER. I was hoping for more of reaction from Kakashi, but maybe we'll get some real interactions later.

Why, hello there!!!
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2:38 am, Nov 18 2013
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Uwah nooo, now that you guys mentioned it I also noticed how the next issue will be on a break until 'issue #1". My question would be will that issue strictly be released only at the first issue of next year or will it be released 2 issues earlier than the stated schedule like some other magazines I've known of. Either way it's still too painful thinking about how we'd have to get by for more than a month from now without any further release TT_TT

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