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Nana is coming back soon?

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5:05 am, Dec 26 2013
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Since the beginning of 2013, Yazawa Ai had released 5 2-page Junko's Room with the latest in the Jan 2014 Cookie issue and also Nana's christmas postcard!

I hope Nana will be back in 2014! Based on the latest Junko's Room, it seems like Yazawa Ai is slowly bringing the characters back. I hope that both Hachiko and Nana will be back soon and it would means the main series is going to be release soon!

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5:10 am, Jul 29 2016
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Halfway through 2016 and it doesn't look like she's bring it back any time soon. cry Really sucks, I feel like all of my favorite series are coming to a halt and not being finished.

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7:01 pm, Sep 26 2016
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I thought she had died

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