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Fate/Stay Night Anime Remake by ufotable?

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3:00 pm, Dec 29 2013
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When will the remakes with this series end?

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3:20 pm, Dec 29 2013
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When they finish all the routes in the VN and collect all the tiger stamps.

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4:46 pm, Dec 29 2013
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I didn't like the first anime. ufotable is great, so... maybe I'll finally get into it this time.

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5:12 pm, Dec 29 2013
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It seemed, judging from that trailer and not understanding japanese, that it was a continuation from Fate/Zero? (In the sense that it's the next generation and they would have expected people to have already seen Fate/Zero) In which case that'll be interesting because the main story keeps the past as something you eventually find out, like who Saber is or something.

I personally, am not complaining. Any excuse to see more Tohsaka Rin on my screen.
Here's to hoping for the Unlimited Blade Works good end =P
Looks like the anime might go down the Heavens Feel route though... Wonderful... My least favourite route...
It better be the true end at least if that's the case. I'll be very unhappy with the normal end after having to go through Heavens Feel again :<

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