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Completely Scanlated?

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11:31 am, Jan 13 2014
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How come it's completely scanlated when there's a huge gap of almost 50 chapters (33-81) still left? I did submit correction yesterday, but someone changed it back already anyway.

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1:24 pm, Dec 6 2016
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I'd assume it's "completely" scanlated because the 33-81 chapter gap is covered by the anime. In a similar vein, Capeta has a chapter gap midway till where the story splits. Someone new to One Outs could finish the story regardless of this issue and thus I'd consider the series completely scanlated.

It's seems rather petty for a scanlation group to pick up this niche series and scanlate 48 chapters already covered in order to call this "complete".

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3:54 pm, Dec 6 2016
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What are you guys talking about? It's not even marked as completely scanlated

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