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New Poll - World Transfer

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Post #632771 - Reply to (#632770) by JustPassingBy
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2:47 pm, Feb 15 2014
Posts: 152

Well, i never said i would like to live in Dragonball world.

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2:52 pm, Feb 15 2014
Posts: 80

My favourite manga is Hayate no Gotoku!. So, if I can leave there I will atleast have a bishie or two. Hehehe biggrin

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3:36 pm, Feb 15 2014
Posts: 79

My favorite manga character is Guts from Berserk and I'd die within seconds of going to that world, so no. If I was like a master swordsmen or something then I'd go.
Actually nope still pretty sure I'd die.

Things I enjoy:

1. Badassery. I love being, doing, and living it. I also enjoy seeing it as it usually makes me cry man tears.
2. Badassness.
3. Badasses.
4. Badass mofos.
5. Manly badasses.

Things that I hate:
1. Wimpy protagonists.
2. Girly protagonists (if they're men).
3. Douchie protagonists.
4. Idiotic protagonists.
5. Over-the-line rude protagonists.
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3:55 pm, Feb 15 2014
Posts: 140

I don't hold things dear, so sadly enough I don't think I would regret leaving anything in this world. But it truly depends on what kinda world will I enter, and will I be at advantage or disadvantage there.

Mostly tough, I better go to a world from shounen manga than shoujo manga, since how unrealistic shoujo romance can be, it's more possible in this world than shounen's. Since if I were to enter a different world, I hope it will be a whole new world, I'm bored.

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Mythical Creature

4:43 pm, Feb 15 2014
Posts: 285

My favorite manga charscter basically lives in my world so... I do often wish for the world to become the world of pokemon though. Everyone born at age ten and you get to choose your name and gender :V

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5:30 pm, Feb 15 2014
Posts: 830

No, I could never give up my life and dreams here. I could never say goodbye to my friends and family. I could never leave my pets. I love manga, but I love my real life too much to ever leave it behind. I'm going to creat a new vaccine and open an animal shelter one day!

My favourite anime is Code Geass. My favourite character is Lelouch.
My favourite manga is Banana Fish. My favourite character is Ash.
My favourite game is Final Fantasy VII. My favourite character is Cloud.

I think it helps that none of those worlds are exactly easy or appealing. Lots of fighting to the death going on, lol.

The pen is mightier than the sword...and considerably easier to write with.

5:42 pm, Feb 15 2014
Posts: 170


Most manga worlds are either god forsaken hellholes or hyper exaggerated versions of our own world (I'm looking at you shoujo/ecchi/harem/comedy/slice of life genres).

A lot of people in the comments also seem to assume that going to said world would give them similar powers as the main cast. In other words, if you added the line "but you remain the same as you were in the real world", I wonder how many people will still say Yes.

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6:03 pm, Feb 15 2014
Posts: 47

1) Is it only limited to existing manga / anime series or one's own works?

2) Does it also entail a full swap between one's self here in the real-world to the specific setting and one's potential alternate self in the specific setting to the real-world or would it be limited to only both selves consciousness's being switched?

Would probably lean on No because dragging my alternate self to this world while leaving to live in his setting would be a shitty thing for me to do and even without any alternate self in the equation, I couldn't simply leave everything behind here.

Still, the possibilities and limitations of the alternate world would be very tempting compared to the real-world.

Well, the weather's looking bad. It's bad here, bad there - bad everywhere. Nasty alien creatures raining down from the skies, devouring all life on this planet. And what does that mean to you, you ask? It means you're mine. You're all mine! - Prince (aka Death) from Lexx
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6:03 pm, Feb 15 2014
Posts: 129

Well considering that my favourite characters in mangas are usually girl, who I consider to be ideal for me (I will not name them, but they are usually smart and maybe nerdy type of girls and often not main characters) then why not if it involves marrying them and having family =)

I am envoy from nowhere in nowhere. Nobody and nothing have sent me. And though it is impossible I exist. © Trimutius

6:06 pm, Feb 15 2014
Posts: 68

This poll made me think hard if I even have a favorite manga character (and if manga based on anime based on light novels count).

My conclusion is that my favorite manga character is most likely found in Yotsubato, and even though I couldn't exactly choose which one, their world is ours, so...

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6:26 pm, Feb 15 2014
Posts: 123

Yes. Definitely. In a heartbeat. (as long as it's not a world in which i would die in a second. Being a cold stiff corpse doesn't exactly seem appealing dead )
Guess that's because I don't have any obligations yet. Things i would miss the most would be my books/manga, my laptop and maybe my brother laugh

A lot of people in the comments also seem to assume that going to said world would give them similar powers as the main cast.

I suppose it would suck if your're the only one without special powers, so something like Pokemon, Beyblade, Bakugan etc. which involves training other creatures to fight your battles would be cool. (on second thought that sounds pretty darn selfish, makes me question my childhood choices lol)

One Piece also seems earthling friendly, although I suppose you could still die of an allergic reaction to Demon Fruit.(if you want to go there).

A historical manga like Cesare or Historie would be exciting too.

I wouldn't worry too much about not coming back; if you are the mc or atleast a part of the core team, manga logic states that you'll find your way back against all odds smile wink grin

I give up. I see not point in living if I can't be beautiful.
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6:52 pm, Feb 15 2014
Posts: 17

No I'm definitely too ordinary and weak to survive in most series. Might be fun to redo school life but overall not worth it.

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9:37 pm, Feb 15 2014
Posts: 237

I chose not to go because that means i'd be leaving everyone i love and care about. Also i'd probably get killed..

lιvιɴɢ ιɴ α yαoι woɴderlαɴd

9:47 pm, Feb 15 2014
Posts: 90

Well, my favorite manga character(s) are usually in pretty safe, normal places with some battle/conflict but not enough I would feel endangered so yeah. I'd feel horrible for my family but 6+ months of job searching without much success, all the crap with my sister's wedding, and the utter fear and shock of being an aunt to be have me in a running away mood.

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9:52 pm, Feb 15 2014
Posts: 155

Hell no.

Ever hear the quote, "A nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there"?
Or the curse, " May you live in interesting times."?
Or more simply, "Cannon fodder"

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