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Would you ever recommend a series that's either incomplete or on hiatus?

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4:00 am, Feb 21 2014
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I hadn't thought of this question until I saw a post seeking seinen recommendations. Their current list lacked Berserk which seemed like an obvious series to include, but then I started having second thoughts...

I can recommend a completed series because I know how it ends. I can recommend an ongoing series based on the assumption that it will continue as it is and eventually reach an end. A series that's either incomplete or on hiatus, however, is just that: incomplete. I considered the idea "it's the journey, not the destination that matters most" and that feels somewhat right. I would want to share the unique characters that make the series, the engaging journey that drives them, and even the unique world that they inhabit, but there is no destination. There is no other half to compare it to. It's essentially recommending an incomplete book to someone even though you know it may never (or probably won't) be completed.

So... what are y'alls thoughts on this? Would you recommend a series that's either incomplete or on hiatus?

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4:20 am, Feb 21 2014
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Yes, I guess...
Incomplete, something like DN Angel??

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5:02 am, Feb 21 2014
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Yeah, a series that is either discontinued or on a lengthy (possibly indefinite) hiatus. Hunter x Hunter would be another example of one that someone might want to recommend yet suffers that problem.

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Mythical Creature

5:10 am, Feb 21 2014
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Nope because I don't read those!

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6:01 am, Feb 21 2014
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Yes, I would. Whether a manga is good or not is not determined by whether it's incomplete or on hiatus.
There are many gems that should be read despite them being on extended hiatus.

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penguin king

6:33 am, Feb 21 2014
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depends on the story. if it's something like Hunter x Hunter, Berserk or Black Lagoon where there has already been a lot of development and it's good then yeah.

but if it's like Beet the Vandel Buster and after you barely start getting into the story it drops you into a pit of continuance lacking despair and loathing then no

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Kyou kara ore wa!!, Mx0, Angel Densetsu, Skip Beat, Ai Kora, The Devil King is Bored

Hana to Akuma, No bra, Shinigami Trilogy, kindan no koi de ikou, Usagi Drop, Threads of Time, Girl Friends

Most under rated:
Kindan no koi de ikou, kyou kara ore wa!.
m0r l83r... maybe >_>
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6:40 am, Feb 21 2014
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Usually, yes. I don't pay too much attention to statuses. I'd recommend anything that fits their requirements. They need to judge for themselves whether they want to read it or not, despite the pit they know they'll fall into. I don't see the need for me to judge it for them, cause frankly, it's none of my business.

At least, unless it's obvious that the manga isn't good enough for the wait.

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Sleepless Denzien

11:45 pm, Feb 25 2014
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I'm normally disappointed when I discover an amazing manga or manhwa that goes on a hiatus, or even the group stops putting out more chapters. So, I personally would not give recommendations to friends about a series that's on hiatus but if it's just what they're looking for, and if they wouldn't mind it, I would recommend it.

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12:44 am, Feb 26 2014
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If the manga is REALLY, REALLY good, I would. But in general, I won't because I hate cliffhangers. I also would rather know that the entirety of the manga is good before I recommend it. The first thing I look for when looking for mangas is if it's complete and fully scanlated. That is even before I read the plot and look at the drawing.

The first ever manga I read was really good and the art was amazing but it was sadly unfinished.

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8:13 pm, Feb 27 2014
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I would recommend a series that's incomplete rather than hiatus. But it has to be really good or something that someone likes it. Although it may not be completed but it can still let people use their imagination of how it can end. ^_^

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8:20 pm, Feb 27 2014
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Yes, of course. Have you read, for example, NANA? It's just absolutely awesome and I wish the mangaka would continue it someday u_u


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2:02 am, Mar 3 2014
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If it was on hiatus, I probably would recommend it. I wouldn't want to share a series that's incomplete with a friend, that would be really mean.

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2:48 pm, Mar 3 2014
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how would this kind of insane logic work in the real world
i wonder

but all you do is dl or read online so you dont give a shit

if i like something
i will recommend it
1 chapter and ongoing
axxed after one chapter
150volumes in and ongoing
not been translated
does not matter

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10:30 pm, Mar 7 2014
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I have suggested series on Hiatus many times. I was unsure of what you mean by incomplete too. If you mean they just haven't finished then yes, all the time, if you mean like one that is never going to be finished ever... it depends on the series and who I suggest it to. Some people like to write fan fiction and stuff so sometimes incomplete series can let you be more creative. Not that I like it when it is left unfinished. I prefer ones that are finished or will be eventually. Another reason I may tell someone about a incomplete or on hiatus series could be a series that has really good art or it could finish at a somewhat reasonable place.

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Slightly obscene

12:06 am, Mar 8 2014
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I would, and do, recommend anything that I like and I think others would like.

Naturally, I'd mention the availability of said works, especially if the future prospect of releases seem bleak for any apparent reason.

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