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I'm looking for a love triangle yaoi manga

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6:09 am, Feb 26 2014
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I'm looking for a love triangle yaoi manga. Preferably where the seme has to choose between two uke. I like stories where a seme's ex appears and stirs things up. Those stories are really exciting! biggrin So if anyone can tell me any, that'd be great! smile

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7:28 pm, Feb 26 2014
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uhhhh...not really choosing between two ukes but seme's ex(?) does appear! idk...
Tonari no Kare

this is quite rare to see in yaois...your LF that is...
and admin will probably move this post to yaoi/yuri section bigrazz

KanataxYuki will always remain in my heart...
Their love is so profound~!
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2:54 pm, Feb 27 2014
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Mukizu ja Irarenee not sure about this
When a Man Loves a Man the part with Takaaki x Shinkawa x Kanzaki

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10:11 pm, Feb 27 2014
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Tear Drop maybe? But it's subtle
Side Car Seigyohou kind of fits but the roles haven't been established and it hasn't been updated for a while there's rape here
You can always search through the love triangle/s category : here
Though you'd probably find more 1 uke 2 seme stories

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