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9:22 pm, Feb 28 2014
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Discussion time!!! I need help!!

Okay so I am SERIOUSLY unsatisfied with this ending… But at the same time I'm not.

Why are we left hangin' on the fate of the country… How exactly did they end up? Is it suppose to allude to actual history (which is highly possible since I'm not well versed to Egypt-area's history)?
Did Yuri and Kail's descendants really let power take over them (for some reason that strikes my super defensive-argumentitive side that wants to totally deny that that could be remotely possible but I'm very much aware of people falling from righteousness because power/fame overtook them)?
AND what ACTUALLY happened to Yuri and Kail?!? Their deaths (via the extra) was a pretty suspicious way to die. Plus, the whole "150 years later the country vanished" ('THE HELL'S WITH THAT?!?!?!) is what first left me with dissatisfaction and then when there was more I was like "oh boy. HURRAH RESOLUTION!!" but no! NO RESOLUTION!! cry Then their deaths really strike me as unscrupulous. Especially since what actually happened and what was told to everybody was different. WHY?? Why would sensei-sama do this?!? cry Why not just leave us with the disappearance of the country... I could have probably accepted that... eventually... but now--!!

AND what happened to her "present life" timeline (1995)? Did everyone just kind of forget her… Like she never existed on that timeline? Or were they like totally distraught the whole time searching for her (I mean it's not like they'll ever find a body or hear any news of her safety... just another unsolved missing persons)?

So... My dissatisfaction stems from unresolved questions. But the lovely "happy ending with the one they love after crazy obstacles" bars me from true dissatisfaction. Don't get me wrong though!! I skipped meals because I couldn't put this down but geez… I feel so torn.
What do you all think? I need discussion so I may come to terms with this dissatisfaction!!

I'm sorry for my long comments... So much stuff going through my head and I think I should share all of it with the world!
Plus, learning other people's opinions of the things I say is addictive to me.

KNOWLEDGE & NONSENSE... It makes the world go round <3
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12:53 am, Mar 1 2014
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The ending comes from the author having to conform to historical facts. I am pretty sure that if she could have had her way then everyone would have lived happily ever after for several generations. Kail and Yuri did have their happily ever after though. I checked it up on wikipedia and it said that Kail Mursili II's successors were highly incompetent. So it is only natural that the country would disappear. In fact several civilisations have been wiped out because of various such factors.

I have the same complaint with the way the mangaka dealt with Yuri's family. They are inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.. I found it absolutely horrid. This is the most dissatisfying resolution in a time travel/alternate universe manga that I have read.

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8:01 pm, Apr 9 2014
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what bothers me is why she did conform. The fact that yuri went back in time means things didn't have to happen as they did historically... or, it could have been an alternate universe which is what I had hoped from the beginning... because the worst thing about historical manga is knowing how they're going to end.

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