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New Poll - Aggregate Sites

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7:20 am, Mar 8 2014
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This week's poll deals with a perhaps touchy subject: aggregate sites. Our member kayue was the one who suggested this one. For now, how often do you use them for your manga fix? Notice I'm not making a distinction between which sites. That's perhaps a later poll (big "maybe" there)

You can submit poll ideas here (and try to keep them manga/anime-related)

Previous Poll Results:
Question: Do you buy any physical manga magazines?
Yes, I subscribe - votes: 221 (2.1%)
Yes, I buy issues off the shelf - votes: 780 (7.5%)
I used to, but not anymore - votes: 1563 (15.1%)
No, not interested - votes: 1968 (19%)
No, but I would if I had the money / they were cheaper - votes: 2014 (19.4%)
No, but I would if they were available in my country / language - votes: 3818 (36.8%)
There were 10364 total votes.
The poll ended: March 8th 2014

Well, if I broke down that last option between people living in the US vs. people who didn't, then perhaps we'd get some more answers? Who knows...

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7:34 am, Mar 8 2014
Posts: 365

I read almost everything on Batoto, though there are some scanlator websites I also frequently visit.

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7:59 am, Mar 8 2014
Posts: 348

I use them a lot..... Though more and more I try to find the scanlators sites.

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8:25 am, Mar 8 2014
Posts: 141

man if this poll was around a few years ago we'd see way different numbers. I used to always download and compile full volumes for easier reading but now I feel caught up on manga and dont need to go through 50 volumes of every good series and i just want an update now wherever I am. Its gotten so bad that I dont even give some series a start if they dont host it on batoto. I personally started using one managa as a substitute when my hard drives got filled up and i could just try out a manga before i decided on if its a series good enough to read again and again. At this point I've gotten so used to them that my biggest issue with someone like crunchyroll is the fact that their reader is horrible to use when back in the day i would be going crazy over them trying to monetize scanlation regardless of the fact that they are doing it legally.

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8:44 am, Mar 8 2014
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The reader I use most often is Dyansty's (for GL), which is pretty friendly and respects the wishes of the scanlations to include the manga they've worked on or not.
If it's a siteless group stationed at Batoto, I'll naturally read it there.
I prefer to download the manga I read, but if I do end up reading it online, I'd rather use the group's reader.

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9:16 am, Mar 8 2014
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It's actually been on my mind recently. I prefer to archive everything but ever since I was forced to replace my old desktop I haven't added my HDD of manga into my new desktop. Add that to having a tablet (so amazing for reading comics) and I'm using either the group's reader or an aggregate reading site.


10:12 am, Mar 8 2014
Posts: 86

I use them more often than not.

A lot of scanlators now have their own manga readers for their website, so I don't have to go to Batoto for everything, but I end up using it most of the time anyway for manga that was released by a defunct groups or scanlators that simply release their scans on Batoto.

I used to download scans back in the day, when I was running on a 56k modem, or dsl. Now, thanks to faster servers and quicker internet, there really isn't any need to download anything unless you're backing them up for offline reading.

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10:13 am, Mar 8 2014
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95% of the time I use aggregate sites. I rarely download manga. The ones I download are ones I've previously read on aggregate sites and loved so much I decided to download them.

It's just so much easier to use aggregates than going through the process of figuring who the scanlator is, what their website is, and whether or not they have an online reader. (there's also figuring out whether or not they're one of those groups that want you to join their site, make posts, and go through an easter egg hunt just to find where to read the manga).

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10:48 am, Mar 8 2014
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I seldom use them these days. Mainly because I like to still download and archive my manga and cos many of sites are slow from time to time, making reading a pain in the a**.

Also one of the reasons I don't like reader sites these days is cos I have the feeling so many of them (MangaHere and MangaGo for example) don't respect scanlators AT ALL. I've seen too many sad stories of scanlators that got in trouble with japanese or english publishing houses cos they scanlated their manga. They were told to take their scanlations down but when they tried, the reader sites didn't do anything, thus in fear of the possible lawsuits, the scanlators either went underground and made their scanlations private for a small closed community, or stopped scanlating altogether. It's a mystery for me though, why do publishers attack only scanlators and not the reader sites..?

Reader sites are great, but I just think the scanlators have the right to decide if they want to have their works on these sites or not.

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10:54 am, Mar 8 2014
Posts: 3456

I use them quite a bit. Usually as a back up if the scanlators don't have a reader on their website. I only download a few series nowadays. Batoto is used the most, if not all the time as the backup.

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11:24 am, Mar 8 2014
Posts: 144

They suck for many reasons:
1) They take up precious screen space
2) They contain things that distract from the content
3) (sometimes) far worse UI - no keyboard navigation, need to wait for next page to download each time, etc.
4) They require you to be online

So I use them only in rare cases where I couldn't find a normal, downloadable version.


1:03 pm, Mar 8 2014
Posts: 20

If it's a finished series, I'll use mangafox or wherever I can find it that doesn't require a download. If it's an ongoing series, it depends on if the group has their own reader. I'm happy to read on their sites if so, though it doesn't help them either way, since I adblock everything. Otherwise, it's back to mangafox. I'm a selfish consumer. smile

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1:20 pm, Mar 8 2014
Posts: 1770

Quote from RoxFlowz
I read almost everything on Batoto, though there are some scanlator websites I also frequently visit.


I often tried to visit the scanlator sites just to be redirected to batoto...
but it takes some time for e.g. 'easy going' releases to appear there and their online reader is good. So it depends on whether I'm patient or not biggrin

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4:08 pm, Mar 8 2014
Posts: 1179

Haven‘t used them..

I only download mangas and now, I only read mangas when I‘m eating at home or has nothing better to do...

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4:44 pm, Mar 8 2014
Posts: 442

Seldom. I typically use them
a) When trying a new series, before I download it. Sometimes I don't get past the first chapter before I drop it.
b) For groups that only release to online readers.
c) (rarely) when certain chapters can't be found for download.

I'm old school so I download. Sure aggregator sites are convenient initially, but it in the long run, downloads have no load times, no lower quality images, no ads and you never have to worry about it being taken down or not having Internet.

I reaaaally miss the days when it was easy to download manga, like old school aggregator sites where you'd download from them, not read them online. Now it's become a whole lot harder, and there are fewer places to download old stuff.

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