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anime just ended

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11:28 pm, Mar 22 2014
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I haven't kept up with these series for a while, but I just saw that the anime ended at episode 99.

Just wondering, but would anyone happen to know what chapter the anime ending leaves off at? I'm not even sure if they coincide or not. Any help would be welcomed. Thanks!

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6:23 pm, Mar 25 2014
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ch 187 - only the scene where Mutta is invited at Vince's house is cutted out of the anime episode, rest is the same as in manga.

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7:22 pm, Mar 25 2014
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Anyone knows which episode mark the beginning of the under the sea moon simulation?

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1:57 pm, Mar 26 2014
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Do you mean with sea moon simulation Hibito's test?

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2:27 pm, May 26 2014
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I think he means Mutta's under the sea training.
It starts with chapter 150 biggrin, if you talk about the anime it's episode 81

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