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New Poll - Crying

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9:05 am, Apr 5 2014
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This week's poll is from Meer2703. Of the choices given, which form of entertainment enables you to cry the most? Personally, I'm gonna have to say novels. Reading Dumbledore die for the first time just killed me...

You can submit poll ideas here (and try to keep them manga/anime-related)

Question: How old are you?
10 or under - votes: 102 (0.5%)
11-13 - votes: 343 (1.6%)
14-17 - votes: 3015 (14.3%)
18-21 - votes: 6115 (29%)
22-25 - votes: 5684 (26.9%)
26-30 - votes: 3118 (14.8%)
31-35 - votes: 956 (4.5%)
36-40 - votes: 1160 (5.5%)
40-50 - votes: 271 (1.3%)
51-60 - votes: 95 (0.5%)
61+ - votes: 240 (1.1%)
There were 21099 total votes.
The poll ended: April 5th 2014

Quite a nice bell curve. Now I'm curious about how long some of us have been around MU... And a little tidbit: I didn't go back and double check this, but I think this has been our most popular poll ever. Probably because you can't possible disagree about your own age. And you also don't need to think which answer to choose.

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An innocent

9:39 am, Apr 5 2014
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Anime. (Think about Hayao Mizaki's movies.)

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10:10 am, Apr 5 2014
Posts: 76

Visual Novels, so I went with video games.

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10:30 am, Apr 5 2014
Posts: 761

Books... but I suppose it's just because I read a lot.

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10:50 am, Apr 5 2014
Posts: 298

Clannad, liked the anime better than the VN, if only for the pacing (but they both complement each other very well).

Fuko was brilliant, and the balance between comedy, tragedy, and drama was very well kept.

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Is a female

11:23 am, Apr 5 2014
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I went for movies, but honestly I'm not too sure. I don't cry due to entertainment often, but a film is probably more likely to set me off.
I think the only anime that made me cry like a baby was Anohana's ending. I don't even know what came over me but the tears wouldn't stop laugh


12:09 pm, Apr 5 2014
Posts: 362

I put I don't cry. I'm not really one to get emotional over media of any sort. However if there was an option for "My Life" then I'd probably choose that. My life is a form of entertainment right? bigrazz

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1:25 pm, Apr 5 2014
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How about adding dramacd to choose from? I think I have cried on an anime before. But considering that I dont remember much makes me uncertain... There is this drama cd that I have been so addicted to recently. The first time( and every time I listen to it again) I listened to it, made me cry. I sympathized with the character so much that at some point I think I was crying hard more than the character did...

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Mad With a Hat

1:28 pm, Apr 5 2014
Posts: 4764

Novels, movies/tv/anime, music, manga.
Manga and anime probably the least often (because I don't consume them as much), but the other forms of media I noted excite and sadden me often enough, and I'm glad they do, since it's a good distractment from life.
I'm not sure which causes me to cry most often though.

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1:52 pm, Apr 5 2014
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No visual novel option makes it confusing (do they go into books/novels or video games?). In my opinion when it comes to drama there is no format that is better than VNs. They have the personal investment of books with added music and voices.

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2:02 pm, Apr 5 2014
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I'd say videogames, I've played them for a longer time than any of the other options. I think I've cried a lot more because of frustration and sense of achievement, than by getting emotional.

Because, you know, crying has several meanings. It's not just tears.

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2:21 pm, Apr 5 2014
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Anime, I doubt I've cried with it in the past months because of it being sad but laughing is another matter, I really cried with Letter Bee, but i couldn't cry in the sad scenes like the final chapter of Angel Beats, though it felt like I would, I almost cried remembering it. biggrin

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2:41 pm, Apr 5 2014
Posts: 365

Books. There are few times I cried from just remembering a scene from a book. It was embarrassing. That's why I rarely buy dramatic novels nowadays.

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3:09 pm, Apr 5 2014
Posts: 17

No visual novels in the poll? Seriously?

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3:16 pm, Apr 5 2014
Posts: 1179

Wanna say games, but, can't recall the number of times I've cried on it,
Or, if it had me shed a tear more than mangas did...

So, I'll vote on Mangas then, been less than a year since I started reading,
But, I already had my fair share of tears...

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