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New Poll - Manga vs. Anime (Time)

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6:15 am, Apr 12 2014
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This week's poll is by our member 8-3. In terms of the amount of time you spend with anime and manga (or I guess cartoons vs. graphic novels), which do you do more of? A typical anime episode is 22-ish minutes, while reading 18 pages of manga is about 5 min or less.

You can submit poll ideas here (and try to keep them manga/anime-related)

Previous Poll Results:
Question: What form of entertainment has made you cry the most?
Anime - votes: 2766 (24.6%)
Manga - votes: 2028 (18.1%)
Books / novels - votes: 1439 (12.8%)
Comics - votes: 36 (0.3%)
Movies - votes: 1923 (17.1%)
TV Series - votes: 622 (5.5%)
Video games - votes: 298 (2.7%)
Music - votes: 438 (3.9%)
Poetry - votes: 21 (0.2%)
Theatre - votes: 34 (0.3%)
Visual Arts (dance, magic, etc) - votes: 17 (0.2%)
Sports - votes: 61 (0.5%)
Parades / celebrations - votes: 8 (0.1%)
Fairs / expositions - votes: 9 (0.1%)
I don't cry - votes: 1527 (13.6%)
There were 11227 total votes.
The poll ended: April 11th 2014

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7:16 am, Apr 12 2014
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I do both, but more manga

I, don't have much time for watching anime at the moment.. (ah, I do have a lot of time, but, none for anime)

I mean, I can't watch anime at my own pace, so, if a part is boring, or, psychological, I often skip minutes, not, a very good thing...

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7:52 am, Apr 12 2014
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If you asked me a year ago I would've said manga definitely. I only really got back into anime end of last year. These days I hardly pick up new series and just have around 10 shounens I try to keep up with weekly. I have a crap memory and easily forget characters and plot so I pretty much don't read anything that isn't weekly or complete. Probably why I watch more anime these days. Plus, the anime season just started so watch all the pilots this week.

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7:53 am, Apr 12 2014
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strange poll, i mean i went with option 4 since i assume its at the moment? thou i have been mostly throu all the options besides 3rd i guess

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8:14 am, Apr 12 2014
Posts: 24

manga for me.
otherowise i'll be at baka-updates.
lol/ biggrin

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8:27 am, Apr 12 2014
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Definitely anime. My manga reading has slowed down considerably over the years. To be honest, the only manga I really read is the new updates on the ones that are ongoing. Anime I'm constantly watching, what with the new seasons and all. Sometimes I have slow patches where I fall behind because I don't feel like watching anything, but I still watch more than I read.

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8:54 am, Apr 12 2014
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Logic answer.
Their is more good manga than their is good anime.

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9:07 am, Apr 12 2014
Posts: 19

When it comes to actual time invested, I'm not sure which one wins out. When it comes to sheer ammount, manga by far. The problem is that anime takes a fixed time to get through a story, while you can burn through manga as quickly as you please (which is the primary reason why I've consumed so much more manga than anime in recent years).

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9:28 am, Apr 12 2014
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It's manga for me, but only because it's more convenient to read manga while taking break from work in comparison to watching anime. I've recently started on catching up with some anime though.
Got some years worth of anime left to watch laugh

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11:50 am, Apr 12 2014
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More time dedicated to reading manga in my case, though the ammount of time and the gap between time dedicated to manga and time dedicated to anime decreased abysmally.

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4:34 pm, Apr 12 2014
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Let me see~
I spend half an hour with the first episode of Haikyu!!
Then during a week I read 100 chapters, so...
I think that more manga biggrin

PD: I had Haikyuu!! in my wish list for months already.
PD2: This isn't the first time this has happend.


1:57 am, Apr 13 2014
Posts: 64

I'm barely watching anime anymore. I'm barely viewing any medium other than manga. I used to view many of them but then it just waned and waned until it was only manga.

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2:04 am, Apr 13 2014
Posts: 170

Manga, easily.

Mangas are light reads so I can get through a "chapter" within 5 minutes, easily.

But animes are pretty demanding, ~20 minute long and only one intermission point. Episodes are almost always designed to be watched a full episode at a time, so theres no real point in watching the first half of an episode but put the second half on hold. This is doubly true in "combat" animes too, where the second half is largely taken up by fighting scenes, to say nothing of animes with multi-episode long battles.

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4:11 am, Apr 13 2014
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manga for me too, i watch anime every now and then and there are some really good anime, but there are soooo many really good manga that dont have anime adaptions. i would be missing so many good stories if i only watched anime biggrin

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4:22 am, Apr 13 2014
Posts: 122

Ehh... I dunno. Animes... they take up time, but there's not enough of them. I have a LONG list of ones I already watched after all, rarely able to come by a good one that slipped through my radars. I do keep an eye on the animes that come out each season though.

On the other hand, mangas, well, I am plenty capable of burning through 5-10 volumes a day. More really, at times. Given the sheer amount of it, I might say manga. But, I would never know without timing it some time.

Besides, I tend to prefer anime, on condition it's as good as a good or great manga. They waste your time, burn away boredom, and accommodates your laziness lol. Reading mangas take effort, however little. XD

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