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New Poll - Most Read Demographic

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7:06 am, Apr 19 2014
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This week's poll is from our member Eternal_rain. We're not asking what your favorite demographic is. Instead, which is your most read one? It's a slightly different question, although you may have the same answer for both.

You can submit poll ideas here (and try to keep them manga/anime-related)

Previous Poll Results:
Question: Do you spend more time on anime or manga?
I do both, but more anime - votes: 1993 (15.3%)
I do both, but more manga - votes: 7518 (57.7%)
About the same amount of time for both - votes: 1812 (13.9%)
I don't watch anime at all - votes: 1619 (12.4%)
I don't read manga at all - votes: 85 (0.7%)
There were 13027 total votes.
The poll ended: April 19th 2014

Well, we are MANGAupdates for a reason

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7:15 am, Apr 19 2014
Posts: 1179

Going for the Shounen option..

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7:16 am, Apr 19 2014
Posts: 24

everything is there.

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9:16 am, Apr 19 2014
Posts: 384

Wavered between shoujo and yaoi for a bit before shoujo won by sheer number.

I'm happy to see more dedicated fujoshi/fudanshi showing their stripes.

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9:33 am, Apr 19 2014
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Shoujo or seinen manga, I guess.

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9:55 am, Apr 19 2014
Posts: 1786

A while ago it would have been shoujo but the best things are seinen imo so now it leans more towards that... Less cliches, more diverse plots and not that childish

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10:05 am, Apr 19 2014
Posts: 3456

Probably going to have to go with Shounen, but I have been reading an alarming amount of yuri recently, and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon xD


10:16 am, Apr 19 2014
Posts: 362

Can't say I'm sure of what I read the most of since I read so much but seinen and yuri have to be at the top somewhere.

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12:24 pm, Apr 19 2014
Posts: 362

i hate to admit it, but it's shoujo T_T

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12:42 pm, Apr 19 2014
Posts: 50

Lolicon seinen. Too bad people keep mistagging stuffs hard.

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1:05 pm, Apr 19 2014
Posts: 619

Shounen apparently. I do read mostly Seinen nowadays, but it's not enough to surpass how much shounen I read in the past.


1:28 pm, Apr 19 2014
Posts: 68

If SeriesA + SeriesB = 2
DoujinA + DoujinB = 2

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1:55 pm, Apr 19 2014
Posts: 383

I don't know, never really pay attention to it before. I tend to pick up more yaoi lately, but I only start actively reading it for a year or so. According to my reading list, my most read demographic are shoujo and shounen, while in my complete list its shoujo and yaoi. Maybe becau shoujo & yaoi tend to have short volume

Kinda surprised by how little the number of title listed under josei in my reading& complete list is.

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2:06 pm, Apr 19 2014
Posts: 425

I voted for shoujo, but I read all shounen, seinen and shoujo a lot. josei a little bit less, and then yaoi and shounen-ai (those I have a lot on my list, but that's only because it tends to be 1 volume long). so shoujo it is.

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3:33 pm, Apr 19 2014
Posts: 285

Mostly shojou ai now.

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