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2:48 pm, Apr 29 2014
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can someone spoil me the ending? I don't think I can wait for translation

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2:55 am, May 23 2014
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Spoiler (mouse over to view)
ending: agawa is married to asou, and rena comes back after 10 years.

in short, more threesome (but probably or maybe love triangle). this time between a 34 man, 37 woman, and "23" girl (actually, 30).

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5:04 pm, Jul 6 2015
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Thats not much of a spoiler... How was she able to leave for 10 years? And why did she come back? Did she come back because she wanted the guy or what? Do they even tell you why she comes back? I mean, he is married, so whats the purpose of her coming back. I don't really like that ending,

Post #679271 - Reply to (#668442) by jeffreymgibson

7:59 pm, Apr 28 2016
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I'll check it again later. There are more details but my memory is blurred on this one right now.

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5:57 pm, Apr 29 2016
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This lacks precision and clarity, so I don't recommend reading:
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
I just quickly checked the last chapter.

"How was she able to leave for 10 years?"
She went to study in Canada then kept living there I think. Wrote a book.

" And why did she come back?
After the accident, and the realization that she no longer needed the male MC to kiss her (a concept pretty stupid by the way but that's manga), she asked to stay with the MC saying she likes/loves him. He told her to become an independent adult first, because only then she could tell if she really likes him. (this paragraph is what happenes as to why she left)
I might be wrong on this one, but I think she comes back to Japan to realease her book. Then decided to stay in Japan.
And she asked the couple by letter:
- Did I become an adult now?
- Will you both accept me again now? (probably as in the way the 3 lived together before)
"I want to confirm this all, this is why I'm coming home (to Japan)."

...dunno if you followed what I poorly wrote until now, but the manga ends like this:
1. she rings the doorbell of couple's house , waits in front of the door
2. the door is opened and she hears "welcome back, rena"
3. she smiles and say "I'm back (home)" (the typical japanese "tadaima").

And that's it. Poorly and uncompletely explained by me though, sorry!

"Did she come back because she wanted the guy or what?"
I think it's answered above. In the letter she says what gave her "support to her heart" for her to keep living abroad was her memory of the three living together for 1 year. Which. she wrote, she continues to feel so 10 years later.

"Do they even tell you why she comes back?"
Answered above.

"I mean, he is married, so whats the purpose of her coming back."
The girl doesn't really have something she calls a family I think IIRC, the closest to it for her is the couple. She comes back to ask if they can once again live as 3.

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11:32 am, Sep 11 2016
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I started reading this series 5 year ago, i liked it a lot, and it was my top one since then.
I think i would have the same reaction as some if i was faced by the ending last year.
But i read the ending in time, when i was in a LDR with a 10years younger female friend.
It started last year out of pity, and it was a mix of white lies and self-deceit, i thought i was doing all of that to save someone, but i ended-up believing my own lie, the relationship was a beautiful lie.
I think reading the ending helped me accept my own situation as is, fate brought us together, but it didn't necessary imply that we are a good match.
It wasn't really an adult-adult relationship, but more of a parent-child one (transactional analysis).
So i think the ending is the most realistic one, i think agawa realized that he was confused about his feelings, and that love isn't necessary always a romantic one, so in the end she became more of a daughter, thought not a daughter, that's the dilemma he was faced with.
I think this story could be a modern interpretation of Lolita.

Post #694716 - Reply to (#683839) by jasperv

2:21 am, Aug 26 2017
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Spoiler (mouse over to view)
except that 10 years later his story ends in a threesome again (probably), lol.

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7:07 pm, Sep 7 2017
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Yeah I saw it as she was coming back to be in a relationship with them. They clearly all loved each other by the end.

Post #734503 - Reply to (#695060) by SangMo

4:07 am, Nov 6 2017
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Maybe I could have a more consistent view if I read all volumes again, I wonder.

But a lot of things happen in 10 years and very very few of it was actually described by the author. Reading it all again might give me more margin for imagination, but it won't change the fact that there's nothing definitive in that end. Probably.

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