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Art vs. Plot

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3:01 am, Jul 6 2011
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Cover art is usually what attracts me to the title, but plot is always, always the most important.

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3:55 am, Jul 6 2011
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I need both but if the plot is really good i usually warm up to the art. with Nicky Lees works i didnt much like her art but i loved her plot lines and the storys. i eventually warmed up to her artwork. but if the art is down right attrocious then i wont read it. same goes for plot. if the art is beautiful and the story crap i will put it down.

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11:48 pm, Jul 12 2011
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In order to read a manga i need to c good drawings than the plot just to be able to read it... : )
But in some cases i read the plot first

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12:04 am, Jul 13 2011
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A manga/movie/anime etc with an average plot and a shitty artwork is always better than one with a superb artwork and a bad plot.Look at the current movies with all those special effects and tell me if they can even reach movies like memento.Seriously, i cannot think a good movie in the last 2 years, that's probably why i have spent most time in tv series.The same applies on manga.There is not a chance that i will rate a manga with an exceptional artwork and an average story more than 8.Instead the opposite is quite common for me.Kiseiju for example has an old and not very pretty type of art but a very good plot.
My opinion anyway...

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11:05 am, Jul 14 2011
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Art, definetely but it has to have a matching plot. Art that's as good as the plot or vice versa

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HanaTsuki Hime

11:41 am, Jul 14 2011
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plot is the most important thing 'cuz even if the art is super fabulous it wont keep you reading just with that, it has to have something more to the story eyes

of course if the art is nice/beautiful that's a nice bonus biggrin

but we cannot also deny that the first thing that catches attention usually is the cover ---> meaning art, but that alone wont get me, so plot wins laugh

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11:04 pm, Jul 14 2011
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The plot is the most important because how are you going to progress through the manga if there's no storyline behind it? Yeah, the art is pretty and stuff but it's kind of pointless to continue reading it if the plot isn't good or you just plainly hate the main character's guts.

Art is only a bonus.

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11:34 pm, Jul 14 2011
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This is me but, I need atleast decent art and a plot thats not total BS xD
I've picked up manga with an excellent story... with total BS art... I couldn't bare to read them ><
Still its much better than I would EVER be able to draw myself

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12:25 am, Jul 15 2011
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Plot is far more important. I'm not picky about art but if it's so bad that I can't tell what's going on (messy, cluttered) or I can't take the story seriously because the characters' bodies or facial features are so badly proportioned then it'll probably put me off. I can't get into a story if I keep thinking, "this artist has clearly never seen a human being in their entire life"...

That said, sometimes I pick up a manga purely because the art looks great. In that case I don't really expect too much from the plot, as long as the story is at least mediocre I'm quite happy, although of course a good plot is a major major bonus - or interesting characters/themes, at least, that my mind can crunch and elaborate on even if the story never really gets there. I do avoid quite a few manga based on their art but only if the plot sounds as vapid and clichéd as its art implies (certain shoujo art styles, for example, usually ring alarm bells as the type of story I won't like.) If the plot sounds good I'll certainly give it a go.

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12:43 am, Jul 15 2011
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Art is equally as important as plot. I read manga and comics because each should complement the other. A picture is worth a thousand word, but it's superfluous if the words are a repetition. If I was only looking for a good story, I'd read a book. If I wanted to see great art, I'd go to an art museum. Manga, comics are the medium within which there is the best of both worlds of art and literature. To have one with mediocre quality while the other excels in execution would be redundant.

This is my reason for reading less and less manga over time, since far too many new series sacrifice one for the other, usually plot for art.

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1:42 am, Jul 15 2011
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Ahahahaha plot bc "shoujo manga art" is an oxymoron. Only for shoujo/josei though.

Ps. I'm being sarcastic. Just a tiny bit.

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1:45 am, Jul 15 2011
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Art... I just can't read something if the art is dreadful.

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1:47 am, Jul 15 2011
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Usually if the art competely sucks I can't read it, no matter how good the storyline is. There are some exceptions, but hardly any. I can read any shallow vapid manga as long as tthe art rocks.

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2:03 am, Jul 15 2011
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Shoujo: art > plot
most of these mangas have very similar plots so i might as well go with the one with the prettier art. bigrazz

Josei: art = plot
it has to have appealing art and a good plot eyes

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11:26 pm, Jul 27 2011
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I definatly would say that the art is the most important, although if the plot is just too mad , then i just stop

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